Facebook is the largest social networking site and is ranking #2 in the world, there are billions of users accessing Facebook and most of them turned to addiction and this can make one’s life weird, so of the times we deactivate the account but then also we can easily get access in future. What so ever the reason, like your privacy is harmed, someone hacked your account and you just don’t need the account any more, below is the whole process described for you can completely erase or delete your Facebook Account. Also, if you think that Facebook is just wasting your time and disturbing your lives, then the better & final solution is to delete Facebook Account itself.

How to delete facebook account

There are many worse effect of Facebook is ones personal life even, sometimes child try to commit suicide and even you can see a break in relationship. As it’s an official apology from the mega company that they can’t filter spam and adult content from Facebook database.

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently?

I believe that most of the users are confused between the meaning of Deactivating and Deleting Facebook Account. Actually both the 2 terms aren’t same. Actually deactivate Facebook account means to stay away from your Facebook Account for a while and you can reactivate your account whenever you desire. But deleting Facebook forever means to delete everything existing on your Profile like Updates, Photos, Videos, etc. and it can’t be reactivated once deleted.

Facebook Delete Account page isn’t readily available in your Account. You cannot even find it anywhere in your Account. It’s present in Facebook Help center Page. And if you have made a strong & final decision to delete your account, and all set to say Goodbye to your Facebook Account, then just follow the below steps.

Note: Though you can completely delete Facebook profile, but you need to wait and have patience till 14 days. If you try to login in your account within these days, then the deletion will not work. Just follow the below steps and you are done.

1. Login to your Facebook Account and Visit Delete Page.

2. Now click on “Delete My Account” and submit password and security check.

delete facebook account

3. Click on “Submit” for the confirmation that you really want to delete FB account

4. Now don’t ever login till 14 days and the whole process is completed.

So folks, you can always stay free and feel easy without Facebook life, if you think it’s an unnecessary trap or addiction then just refer to the above guide for how to delete Facebook Account.