We all are aware of Android which is an open source mobile operating software by Google. You can install any amount of apps on your Android phone without any restriction from Google Play Store or any other source. Here, comes another application tasking with, convert your mobile’s camera into webcam for your computer, and this fantastic work is governed by IP Webcam app. Using this app we can use Android mobile as web camera for PC and perform video calling.

If you have Android mobile or tablet, then it’s a nice thing as from now you can use it as your own personal webcam. If you are thinking to buy a new Webcam then hold on! Why to waste money when you can enjoy better one than a cam which is approximately costing you two thousand rupees, instead use Android mobile as web camera for PC.
Android mobile as web camera

How to use Android mobile as web camera for PC:

IP Webcam is a free app which can convert android mobile and tablets to webcam. You can download it for free from the official Google Play (Android Market). This Android webcam app has the intense capacity to convert your mobile into a wireless or USB camera having numbers of other functions. The application makes connectivity with Wi-Fi and can even work with USB wire, you can choose among one type according to your feasibility.

With this connected camera you can easily enjoy the feature of the real Web cam and can further do video conference or video chatting with friends over GTalk, Skype or Yahoo messenger. Below is the process described for you to use Android mobile phone as Web camera.

  • First Download IP Webcam App from the Android Market.
  • Now Install the app into your Android Mobile and allow it connectivity.
  • Open the installed app and go through with functions like Sound, Camera, FAQ, etc
  • Select connect with PC and allow any one connectivity option : Wi-Fi or Mobile Internet
  • In computer open any browser or VLC media play and enter the IP address which is shown on mobile
  • Then automatic drives will be loaded in your computer and you are done!

Now just do the easy and normal function as you would do if a real Webcam demands, finally this app will enable your mobile to act as camera over wireless connectivity if Wi-Fi is selected or over mobile internet connection. You can also use the mobile’s micro phone in your computer for voice calling. IP Webcam can work with both front and real camera of mobile. Mobile camera can be viewed on computer using VLC media player or web browser.

Note:  If the required drivers are not automatically installed into your system, then you can manually download it from the developer’s website so that to make it work perfectly.

Features of IP Webcam :

  • Very easy to function Android app and its free to download
  • Works with wi-fi and cellular data of your mobile.
  • Provides a feature to customize the image quality.
  • For the sponsorship they show advertisement in Mobile
  • If your mobile has 5 MP camera, then you can even enjoy the same clarity in PC
  • Connectivity over Wi-Fi or Mobile Internet
  • Works with Window, Linux and Mac

Now you just need to put your mobile back side (camera side) against your face, and start enjoy the Webcam features.  When, in Skype you select cam, it will directly connect to the app and will work as cam for you to capture images or video from computer itself.

However, this app gives it functions to Windows, Mac and Linux operating system and when enabled IP Webcam it easily ruins your battery power, so it’s advisable to even connect a charger while enjoying the app. At this time IP Webcam doesn’t work over USB connection, you have to use it using wireless connectivity options.

So, it’s not hard to use this great application instead of buying a new Webcam, use IP Webcam App and use Android mobile phone as web camera.

Do you know any other application for using Android mobile as web camera for PC? drop a comment and share your experience with us.