Aircel 3G Review: Internet Speed Test, Data Plans, How to Activate 3G

Aircel is an Indian Telecom company headquartered in Chennai. They provide wireless voice, messaging and data services in India. They have recently extended their network and now have wide coverage in North and South India. Aircel launched 3G services in many parts in early 2011 and now expanding their 3G coverage to North Eastern India. Aircel 3G is now available in the Indian states of  Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chennai, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala, Kolkata, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar. Aircel 3G Data Tariff is very cheap and economical when compared to other 3G services like BSNL, Airtel, Reliance, Vodafone and Tata Docomo.

Aircel 3G Review

Aircel 3G Review:

If you are choosing a 1GB monthly data pack that costs around Rs 251 on Airtel and almost the same on Reliance. But on Aircel you can get a 1GB data pack Just for Rs 198. It does not stop here, you can continue to use the Internet at 2G speed after that till the validity lasts. It means that the data plan is unlimited and you just need to pay to have 3G speed priority.

You can choose to use 3G on mobile or purchase a 3G data card. Aircel provides some choice for people who want to get the 3G USB dongle. You can get a3G stick for as low as for Rs 1199. You will be getting some free bundled data usage with it. Aircel 3G data plans for USB sticks starts with the 1GB Rs 198 plan. I would suggest purchasing some 3rd party 3G Data Card or use Wi-Fi 3G modem to share internet connection through Wi-Fi.

Aircel 3G internet speed test:

I have tested the Aircel 3G in many time slots and with different devices. I got an average download speed of 1.5 Mbps all the time. At night and early morning it reaches 2.8Mbps to 3.2 Mbps while the busy hours its always more than 1Mbps. I have also tested it on my Android Smart phone- Samsung Galaxy Note and it provided a download speed of 3.19 Mbps. Upload speed was most of the time between 0.24Mbps to 1 Mbps. 

Aircel 3g speed test

Aircel 3g speed test on mobile

Aircel 3G Speed on mobile

Aircel 3g speed test on pc

Aircel 3g speed test on PC

Recently, we have done MTS MBlaze review and speed test. Aircel 3G is pretty competing when it comes to performance and can lead when compared for Price.

How to Activate Aircel 3G?

To activate Aircel 3G, simply send SMS “START 3G” to 121 and 3G will be activated in 2Hours. For me it took a bit longer and I need to wait a night as I have purchased a new connection.

Aircel 3G Plans and Pricing:

Aircel is promoting their 3G packs as unlimited plans. But in reality there is FUP (Fair Usage Policy), if your 3G internet connection will be automatically turned into 2G connection after a certain amount of data consumed and you can continue using the pack though out the validity. Monthly plans start from Rs 128 which will get you 500MB 3G data usage. You can opt for 1GB Pack for Rs 198. 10GB is available for Rs 997 and that too at high speed of 7.2Mbps. Check out the other packages below:

Aircel 3G data plans in Kolkata

Aircel 3G data plans in Kolkata

Are you using Aircel 3G internet connection? Please share your Aircle 3G review with us.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this fantastic Review of Aircel 3G now I will surely try this. well currently I am using Airtel 3G in North Delhi and my average download speed tested on is Just 400 kbps and I am using Micromax 7.2 Mbps 3G Stick.

  2. I have also written article on Aircel 3G on my blog 🙂 as per your result and analysis it looks quite good and also providing quite good speed. will surely give a shot it if my pocket permits me.

  3. From almost 2 month Aircel 3G not working in Gulbarga, Karnataka!.. But aircel 2G internet working fine!.. as i like aircel service!.. So plz can anyone say why aircel 3G not working !.. Waiting for ur regards:)

  4. Dude you have mentioned that Aircel launched 3g service in Delhi but it’s noot true. I talked to CC and they told me 3g is not started yet in Delhi.

  5. Hi ,
    I have recently purchased a new Aircel sim to use in my Idea 3g Dongle , once the sim was activated i recharged it with Rs.198 for 1GB plan .. but the problem is that i m not able to get connection on the dongle to my PC .. Its shows DNS out look failed and no internet access .. the download and upload speed is 0.00 .. Kindly let me know the process to activate the internet asap. Thanks in advance.

  6. I am using Aircel 3G on a micromax dongle. Initially I the speed was very good but now for the last two weeks or so the speed has dropped drastically. I have tried contacting customer care but to no avail. I am from Assam circle. And every time I recharge I am not able to know my remaining balance. I just have to assume it based on my usage. please help.

  7. Just subcribed for AIRCEL 3G. AIRCEL 3G internet service speed is very pathetic that too in Chennai.
    Download Speed was 0.12 MBPS and upload speed was 0.02 MBPS.
    I used to get upto 5MBPS in vodafone in the same location as I am in the center of GN Chetty road.

  8. they are worse 3g service provider. i tok new conection in 3g in dongle for rs 450/ with a new conection. after activation my no they said they activated 3g in my sim but unfortuanately it was 2g with bandwidth below 300 kbps. the speed is too low. one of my friend using aircel in my area ,his speed is good.
    worse is their customer care.121 or 198 network is always congested and customer care excutives are bogus .they can resolve any problem. avoid aircel

  9. Airtel is the worst network all….
    I just got s 3g pack of 198 , i got 1th of blasting 1th of data… But after using that data…..
    I am not able…to deactivate it…
    I am getting too Much problem in deactivating it..even the customer care didn’t get to response for it….

  10. I purchased the dongle from Aircel store in Bhubaneswar yesterday .
    3g plan… Overall extremely disappointed… Activation took more than a day… The speed is lower than 2g of idea on my nokia mobile since morning download speeds of about 8-14 kbps max
    belies the claims of 3g network…will contact their helpdesk..let me see the explanation

    • You are probably getting the 2G connection. Check the availability of 3G in your locality. I’m getting the average download speed of 3 Mbbs and upload speed of 1.2 Mbps in KIIT university area, Bhubsneswar.

      • I am using aircel 3g service using Huawei wifi dongle since last 8 months with 444 plan. I am quite satisfied with the services at Bhubaneswar. I am getting average DL speed of 3mbps consistently. I surrendered my BSNL BB and have no regrets.

  11. 3g activation in aircel for dongle failing max time and no one to assist in this regard in helpline. befor purchase a 3g scheme ,assume u can loose ur money.
    really a pathetic servive and network

  12. Hi Marketing of Aircel is just an over coating on water!! I have never ever seen such a worst service. Will any network disconnect the service without providing the bill??? Yup!! The ultimate Aircel does such great service.
    My number-7299040117

    I have been using this data card for past 3 months and as on now I dint get the invoice before disconnecting the service. The customer care executive’s speech is ridiculous.

    Their data is an outdated!! Now my service in not active. the samething i had to face even last month. Though I opted the mail service, I haven’t got the bill but stupid people have deactivated and after I paid, service activated after 3 weeks follow up:-( and now when I enquired for the bill amount they have added the last month’s too stating I haven’t paid 2 months bill!

    If I haven’t then how come the bloody people activated last month!!!! I haven’t seen such a worst service and poor network like Aircel.

  13. worst nerwork… 3g is uselesss .. breaks network everytime… my friend told me that the network is uselss . even though i put.. now regretting.. planning to port…

  14. In Odisha Aircel has launched 3G service in full motion but we are unable to get the acutal speed. We are facing speed down fall in every time. Aircel is one of the best and affordable mobile service provider company throughout India. Please provide us a solution how to get better speed and better service from Aircel. Waiting for your response.

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  16. Aircel is BULLSHIT!!! sucks only customers money,poor service,poor speed…… poor at the lowest imaginable level

  17. Hi, I have used aircel 3g in Gurgaon and it sucks. It is worst than airtel 2g here. It provides 3g service through reliance. And it also charges you heavily while on roaming even if you are on a 3g Internet pack.

  18. Aircel Sim As well As Net Is Very Worst & Customer Center Who Peolpe Sitting There They R also.Bcz i Recentaly Use 3G i 100 Times told them But They Will not reply n also they dont have any Idea About 3G also Its Rubbish Even the Normal Net was Also not Working.

  19. Hi, I am using Micromax Dongle and Aircel 3G Dongle Sim but speed is very Poor if I am trying to activate 3G on same number then I am getting no response which means aircel is not able to activate 3g services on my dongle sim What to do? Plz help

  20. Hi,

    I am Nitin Sirohi, I port my no from voda to Aircel and it is big mistake. My no is prepaid to postpaid and give me very good plan by aircel . he say will give you 500 call and 500mb dtat and 100 sms in just 224 re plan but when my bill come it is about 724.00 in just one month and I used only 200 call and 160 mb data. I complain to customer care but they stop my services and I am helpless now. due to my no I have to pay 742 rs and even today my no is not start.

    My no is 9873870853 and I suggest don’t come prepaid to postpaid and Aircel is the worst company in indian Telecom sector.

    Aircel in just make money by adding additional charges in bills.