YouTube is currently the 3rd most popular online social network website and that’s why it seems appealing to an advertiser. YouTube is earning a large part of revenue from their advertisers through these ads. Whatever, but honestly while watching videos on YouTube we too hate the annoying ads as much as you do, be it a banner ad or a video ad. Luckily, there are some working tricks which can be followed to get rid of YouTube advertising and over the entire course of this article we’ll be discussing the best ways to block ads in YouTube. But before we jump in, let’s quickly talk about the types of ads on YouTube.

Block YouTube ads How to Remove Ads from YouTube Videos?

There are mainly two types of ads on YouTube:

1. Google Ads:
These ads are from the most popular online advertisement platform- Google AdSense and you may have noticed these ads before over the internet. Since YouTube is owned by Google, so Google ads on YouTube are obvious things.
2. Video Ads:
Video ads are most annoying and they are always forcibly presented to a user. These ads are of two types.

a.  Ads that can be skipped: These ads are somewhat adjustable as user has always an option to skip these ads after watching it for 5 seconds.
b. Ads that can’t be skipped: These ads are extremely annoying as these ads are of 30 seconds and bad part is that there’s no option to skip these ads. They are forcibly presented to a user and user always has to waste 30 seconds before watching the original video.

These ads are extremely annoying and being a passionate-geek, I tried to find a way around to skip YouTube ads. Here are few ways that can be used effectively to block these ads from YouTube:

Adblock Plus:

Adblock plus How to Remove Ads from YouTube Videos?

This is far most a very popular extension and developed specifically to block ads. This extension is available both for Google chrome users as well as Mozilla Firefox users. This extension blocks all the Google ads and also skips the video ads that we have to face before watching original video on YouTube. This extension has plenty of options like disabling the extension on a particular site, etc. You can install this extension from official website free of cost.

YouTube Ads Free- Opera browser users

We are definitely not going to disappoint the users of opera Internet browser. There’s an extension for opera browser named as YouTube Ads Free which can be installed to get rid from video ads on YouTube. This extension automatically skips the ads and allows you to watch the original video directly.

ScrewAds: YouTube ad blocker Chrome

Screwads youtube ad blocker chrome How to Remove Ads from YouTube Videos?

ScrewAds is an extension for Google Chrome. It allows you to skip YouTube Ads on Chrome browser automatically and hence, it provides you a clean and refined experience while you watch videos on YouTube.

We hope that these methods will surely make your YouTube experience ads and annoyance-free. Do let us know if you too have some ways to get rid of YouTube ads.


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