How To Hide Secret Message or Files Inside Photos and Music Files

Do you know that those innocent looking photos or music files can have secret information inside it? Do you want to send secret message to your friends that none can understand other than you and your friend? Yes, it  is possible to hide secret messages or files inside photos or…
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How To Hide Hard Disk Partitions Using Command Prompt Without Software

Hiding hard disk partitions comes handy when we try to hide some personal stuffs from others. We can put all those files which we don't want anyone to see and finally hide the hard disk partition. Using some software we can hide folders as well as entire partition. But do…
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Gmail Desktop Notification Application Gmail Peeper

Gmail Peeper is a free Gmail desktop notification application for Windows. Using this Gmail desktop notifier application you will get instant new email alerts from desktop. Gmail Peeper is a small  utility which sits in your system tray and notifies about new emails. It also shows the number of new emails…
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