Google’s New Social Network Google+ Project Review and Screenshot

Google's latest social networking site Google+ project is now live. Google + project combines all Google services together. Google's track record in creating social network is not that good.  Google’s social networking website 'Orkut' is not that popular as it was expected. Google’s last effort to make all in one…
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Yahoo! Messenger 11 Final Version Released, Download Offline Installer

Yahoo officially released final version of popular Yahoo! Messenger 11. Beta version of Yahoo! Messenger 11 was released in November Yahoo! Messenger (version ) comes with mainly bug fixes which will improve general usability . There are several new features in this new release. One of the most noticeable feature…
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How To Create Windows 7 Bootable USB Flash Drive and Install It

Want to install Windows 7 on a computer but don't have any DVD nearby? Is your computer's DVD/CD drive is damaged but you need to re-install Windows? No problem you can still install Windows 7 directly from USB flash drive. If you have Windows 7 .iso file then you can install Windows 7 from…
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Download Cool Windows 8 Concept Wallpapers

Windows 8 (Windows Next or whatever it will be called) will be next Operating system from Microsoft. Windows 8 will be released in next year. We don't know much details about this upcoming operating system. Previously I've shared how to Transform Windows7 to Windows 8 using transformation pack. Today I'm going to share some…
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