How To Reset Windows 7 Password Using Windows Password Resetter Tool

Oops! I forgot my windows password! Does this happen to you often? Then you might know how difficult it is to recover windows password. There are almost no easy way to reset windows password. In these case we usually left with one option - reinstalling Windows operating system. Reinstalling OS may solve the…
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Clockodo: Online Time Tracking Software Review

Clockodo is simple yet powerful time tracking e-tool which allows users to record time spent on particular task, job or project. Previously, standalone time tracking software were used to record workers' or employees' activity times but now, with advancement in technology one can enjoy the same service on web itself and…
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How To Remote Control Your Computer Using Twitter?

Twitter, undoubtedly is one of the popular social network and most of the people utilize it for several marketing purposes and celebrities use it to keep updates their fans with the latest happenings. Well, different people use Twitter for different purposes. All this was before some tech enthusiasts and developer…
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