Dark Fibre Explained – Advantages and Disadvantages!

Data transfer and communication are very closely related and different technologies are used for both ;Data transfer can be done wirelessly as well as through wires. Wireless methods include transmitting data via radio signals etc. For data transmissions using wires, we can use wires with metal cores and these wires…
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Satellite, DSL, Cable, Fiber Optics: What’s the Difference?

The technologies available for connecting people worldwide have progressed as rapidly as the Internet itself. Much of the world has switched to faster transmission speeds via broadband internet connections like satellite, dsl, cable, and fiber optics. All of these communication systems are generally referred to as high-speed services, providing transmission…
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How Mark Hurd Says Oracle Will Transform Enterprise Cloud Services

Modern businesses often find themselves in the double bind of facing inordinate pressure to innovate but also to tamp down IT expenses. On the surface, the two seem mutually exclusive, but Oracle Co-President Mark Hurd begs to differ. Through the ever-expanding capabilities and capacity of its cloud, Oracle is confident…
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