Nokia N900 Gets Community Firmware Update PR

  Nokia N900 receives it’s first community firmware update PR updates fixes some bugs which were present after official PR firmware update brings one new feature now you can use status menu in portrait mode also. According to community this update is for- Long-term: all N900 users/owners. For now: power-users,…
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How To Install Android On Nokia N900 [ Gingerbread 2.3.4 N12 UMay build]

Nokia N900 came with Linux based Maemo 5 Operating System. However, it is possible to install Android on N900. You can install and run latest Android Gingerbread on Nokia N900. Most of the Android applications and games run on Nokia N900. Still now it's not possible to use voice calls…
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Nokia N900 gets Android 2.3

Nokia’s flagship Maemo 5 running device N900 gets Android (Gingerbread). Developers at have successfully ported Gingerbread to Nokia N900. Currently not everything fully functional but cellular data,sound,Wi-Fi is working perfectly. So it needs more work. Alexey Roslyakov (@drunkdebugger ) is working to port Android to N900. Here is a photo…
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