The New Era of CDMA BlackBerry Begins: Sprint Bold 9930 and Torch 9850 Go on Sale

BlackBerry and Rim have a pretty loyal following in the business community but have had a hard time gaining new market share in recent years. The next generation of BlackBerry phones is looking to change all of that, with a new more intuitive version of the OS and more touch…
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The Best New Android Tablets and Smartphone for Christmas 2011?

It has already been a great year for Android smartphones, with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Motorola Atrix pushing the boundaries of smartphone technology. At the same time, the fledgling Android tablets have also been hitting the market to challenge Apple, especially at lower price points. But…
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How to Remove Facebook News Ticker and Get Old Navigation Bar

In past few months we have seen many changes in Facebook. Facebook introduced some new features and some inspired features from Google+ and Twitter. It's now love or hate condition between all Facebook users. Some users are loving some features and hating some features (can we forget the infamous new Facebook…
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Google Plus is Now Open to All and Coming With Some Features

Google+ social network is now open to all. From now you don't need any invitations to join Google Plus. Google+ project was launched on June 28, 2011 as an invitation only "filed trial". After the introduction, Google+ has got positive reviews from users and within 4 weeks 25 million users…
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What’s Up! Facebook! – A Must Have Google Chrome Add on For Facebook Addicts

What’s Up! Facebook is an incredible Google Chrome browser Add on that starts working instantly from the moment you download onto your computer, making life easier that you only need to have your Google chrome open leaving your Facebook account logged in all the time, with an open tab for…
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How To Install Windows 8 Without Using CD/DVD or VirtualBox

Previously I've written two tutorials on installing Windows 8 Developer Preview in VirtualBox and how to create bootable Windows 8 flash drive and install Windows 8 from it. It is also possible to install Windows 8 without using CD/DVD or bootable flash drive. This porcess will be very useful if…
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