Windows Blue Update for Windows 8 Leaked, Download Windows Blue Now!

Windows Blue, the updated version of Windows 8 just leaked on the internet. Windows Blue is not a new operating system from Microsoft, actually it is codename of updated version of Windows 8. Windows Blue update for Windows 8 is scheduled to be released sometime in the near future. The early…
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Service Works Group: Workplace Management Software Provider

Based in London, Service Works Group is responsible for providing workplace management software for its clients. This company also provides various other services namely Property Management, Facilities Management, etc. Service Works Group has its offices scattered all over the world ranging from Australia, Middle East to Canada and many more.…
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How to Find Royalty Free Stock Images for Commercial Use?

Visual content such as images, graphics and videos are very popular with webmasters and web designers. Shops, blogs, eBay listings or corporate website can’t do a good business without high quality imagery. However, Not all images or photographs can be commercially used unless you have the copyright. Using copyright protected images,…
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How to Download Torrent File Using IDM and Zbigz

Torrents are the most popular way to download big files online. People keep downloading software, videos, films, games using torrent. There are lots of torrent client available that makes it easy to download torrent like BitTorrent, utorrent. However, there are some problem when we try to download files using torrent.…
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Wowza Media Server: Complete Video Streaming Solution

Wowza Media systems have revolutionized the video streaming block since its release. It delivers various functions ranging from video streaming, video chat to live recording, etc. The new version of Wowza Media Server that has launched just recently offers a wide range of features. The abundant useful features of this…
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