Download Google Plus Desktop Gadget G+7 For Windows 7

In my earlier articles I've shared Google Plus desktop client for Windows, Google Plus desktop notifier and cool Google Plus wallpapers. Today I came across another cool  Google Plus desktop gadget for windows 7 computers. As the name suggests the Google+ desktop gadget called G+7 shows live stream from Google+…
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Mosaic Project Brings Windows 8 Metro User Interface To Windows 7

Windows 8, upcoming operating system from Microsoft will be released next year. Windows 8 is coming with many new exciting features. Metro UI one the noticeable changes which Windows 8 is bringing. Metro user interface was first introduced in Microsoft Zune media player and later it is used in Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system.…
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Metro Home brings Windows Phone 7 UI to your desktop

                                Windows Phone 7 series brings new user interface called Metro new UI consists of tiles, each of this tiles displays various UI is visually can get this Metro style widget for your ;                                  This widget shows date and time,current weather of your location and four days weather can change…
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