Do you want to maximize your company’s productivity and lower down the expenses? Then it’s the time to use a better time management software. Abak is a feature rich and flexible time and billing software. It is suitable for various industries who are looking for a better way to manage project time and a good billing software for making invoices. Abak is most suitable for Consulting firms which are looking for a software to manage time sheets, project reports, billing information, client information etc. Engineering firms can also use this software to keep track of all ongoing projects, expenses, time and much more.

Abak Time and Billing software can be accessed from web browsers as it has a web interface. There is a dedicated client for computers as well. So users can access Abak from any method they prefer. Having web-based interface is most useful feature. In this article we are going to learn some interesting features of Abak.

Abak software comes with integrated invoicing feature. Companies can create invoices easily and print or directly send then to clients via email. The invoicing feature is very flexible, you can create  professional looking invoices with different format, styling in just few seconds.

Time sheets and Expense management is another useful feature of abak software. Manage and track project progress with the time sheets where time can be recorded by projects, tasks or clients. Manage project expenses and revenues with the help of Expense management tool.

If you enter project time and expenses then Abak software can automatically calculate project costs. It also lets us know how well a project is performing cost wise if budget is predefined. You can see progress of any project within just few clicks using Abak software.

Quickly get access to Abak software from web interface and check or manage any project related tasks. Abak has a feature rich fully function web interface which anyone can access from anywhere using internet. You don’t need to install any software in computer, just login in to the web interface and do your task. If you don’t have computer nearby,  then no need to worry, you can do most of the major tasks from mobiles and tablets. Using iPhone, iPad or any Android devices you can see and manage timesheets.

There are much more features of Abak time and billing software which I can not mention in just one article. If you are looking for a good time and billing software then I’ll recommend you to check out Abak Time and Billing software.

To test the web interface of Abak, follow this link and log in using ‘admin’ as username and password.