Clockodo is simple yet powerful time tracking e-tool which allows users to record time spent on particular task, job or project. Previously, standalone time tracking software were used to record workers’ or employees’ activity times but now, with advancement in technology one can enjoy the same service on web itself and Clockodo is all about online time tracking.

Clockodo is considered to the best and complete time tracking solution for business, individuals and freelancers. One can easily track down the time spent on defined projects or services and it’s the basic fundamental of Clockodo. It runs on universal dashboard which is meant to instantly record workings’ times, jobs and so. Users can have any time access to current work, total time tracked as well as billable timings having featured with clean and understandable reports.

Features of Clockodo:

One of the main reasons which bounded me for using this online time tracking software is its grand features which do care about users’ point of view i.e. flexibility, user-ability, trace-ability and their intensive good support.

  • Instant Recording: With one touch mouse click users can start tracking activity timings.
  • Flexible Analyses: One can effectively create analyses of current project.
  • Intense Tracking : Records exact timings at which work has been started and completed
  • Teamwork: Allows endless amount of workers on one project.
  • Support : Deals with expert team which provides fast and quick assistance to users

How to use Clockodo?

For getting access to this online time tracking software you have to get one trial-account on Clockodo, doing so will give you access to the main “Dashboard” from where important works like time entry, tracking, reports, etc are managed.

Clockodo project management

  1. For a start, Register on Clockodo which takes few seconds
  2. After login, some example or demo entries will come up (one can surely delete the example data)
  3. Now, for adding your own entry you should click on “Clock” button (Top-right side)
  4. Just follow the further instruction and add your own activity upon requirements

Hence, you have successfully activated your own clock which will now monitor your tasks’ timings. You can further include extra descriptions, billable and other such things needed to track your work or project’s timings.

Advantages of Clockodo:

There are infinite advantages of this on-web tracking software. Starting from free trial account to generated reports, all these specifies its great functions for betterment of company, freelancers or individuals.

1. Free Trial: Clockodo do provides long-term (30 days) free trail to their software and online dashboard. Users don’t have to provide extra personal details for accessing this trail account.

2. Universal Dashboard: As described above also, users can easily manage all the data including entries; tracked time, etc from one stop only i.e. Dashboard. It also analyses total time taken to complete the work, revenue, projects and so.

3.  Administration: One gets complete access to all the recorded data. Users can create and manage as well as delete previous tracking. Other option include : import/export, backup, customers, etc

4. Time Clock: This is one of the flexible and main software which does the task of tracking activities’ timings. It has easy to use user interference which is available for desktop, mobile and web browser.

For conclusion, Clockodo is the only perfect match for freelancers, small companies, etc. This online time tracking software gives fine grip over employee’s billings as per his/her activities.