On 26th Oct, Microsoft has launched the latest and greatest Windows 8 operating system with their revolutionary Metro Modern User Interface. The live tiles based Modern UI brings freshness to the Windows 8 interface. Most of the users are liking the new interface and it works really great on touch screen computers and Tablets like Windows Surface. There was a great offer through which many users upgraded to Windows 8 at just $13.

In the Windows 8, Microsoft has decided to remove the good old Start menu. This can be a serious problem for some users who are more comfortable to use the Start menu for launching applications. Now, I am regularly getting updates on Facebook and Twitter about how they can add a Start menu to Windows 8 desktop. In my earlier article I’ve shared how to add Shutdown, Logoff and Reboot button on Windows 8. Today I’m going to tell you how to add Start button to Windows 8. There are several software which brings back the Start menu in Windows 8. I liked few which were really innovative and took it a step further rather than just mimicking the Start Menu.

Add start button to Windows 8

Add Start Button to Windows 8 operating system:

We have selected a few that provided a better look and feel and added some extra charm to the Windows 8 user interface.

1. StarDock Start8

StarDock start8button

The first one I will mention was from Startdock which is a well known company that regularly introduces Windows modifications. They decided to keep it simple and it offers a well mimicked but Windows 8 theme optimized Start menu. StartDock Start8 is free to use for 30 days but it will ask for $4.99 if you want to get the full license. It does not tweak windows to add a start button, rather it creates a whole new interface with Metro UI and looks really cool and attractive. There are different options so that you can tweak the colors and make round edges to make it look like Windows 7. You can add different options to the start menu and customize as per your requirement using the configuration menu. 

You can download StarDock Start8 button app here.

2. Windows8StartButton

Windows 8 Start button

I would highly recommend getting this Windows8StartButton that provided a whole different look to your desktop. It looks like a minimized version of the Windows Metro UI home screen. You will get a search box that stays in focus so that you can search apps and files anytime very much like Windows 7. It’s a cool looking Start Menu and you will surely like it but there are lots of options in German. Someone needs to translate it into English.

Download Windows8Startbutton.

3. Classic Shell

Classic Shell Windows 8

Classic Shell is also a great option if you love Windows XP Style Classic menu. It’s best to get this one if you have found Windows 7 or Vista Start Menu confusing. It has been updated to fit with Metro UI. I mean that you can access Modern metro apps from Start menu in this style. The software is free and stable thus you can rely on it.

Download Classic Shell

4. Vi Orb

At last, I have got something for Windows 7 fans. Install Vi Orb on Windows 8 and you will feel at home. It’s a Windows 7 Start Menu mimic, But there are some major drawbacks as the program installs some crapware on your system like Registry Cleaners etc. Better Stick with StarDock Start Menu.

Windows 8 ViOrb

Download ViOrb