Windows 8, the latest operating system from Microsoft is now available for both computers and tablets. Windows 8 comes with many new features and a cool new user interface called ‘Modern UI‘. I’ve been using Windows 8 since last couple of weeks. I must say that Microsoft has done a really great job. It is now faster, has more eye-candy compared to its predecessor Windows 7.  Now Windows 8  has become my primary operating system. However, I’ve found a serious problem in Windows 8, Microsoft has removed the Start menu and replaced it with a Modern style start menu. It is very inconvenient to start or find programs and files using the Modern style Start menu. Personally I prefer the old Windows 7 style Start menu. Fortunately, there are some 3rd party software which brings back the old Start menu to Windows 8. While most of the software does the job pretty will, I liked the Stardock Start8.  

Add start button in Windows 8

Start8 is developed by Stardock which is a well-known company for its Windows customization software.  Start8 adds the Windows 7 styled Start menu to Windows 8. I’ve installed this software on a Windows 8 computer and I’m very impressed after giving it a try. Start8 does the job perfectly and mimics the Windows 7 style Start menu really well. After installing Start8, you will notice a Start menu icon in the bottom left side of the task bar.

Windows 8 Start menu

Once you click on the Start button, the familiar Start menu will pop up. The Start menu can be used to easily navigate to user Documents, Computer, Control Panel etc. You can also find any installed programs, files from here.  So basically this is the tried and tested Start menu from Windows 7 which is loved by thousands of users. Start8 allows to search and start all Modern UI applications from the Start menu. You can press the ‘Windows’ key to pop up the Start menu.

Stardock Start8 configuration

Let’s get into the configurations of Start8. Stardock Start8 offers a host of customization options. It gives us two different style Start menus- Windows 7 style or Windows 8 style. Choose whichever you like, personally I prefer the Windows 7 styled Start menu. There are three different Start menu themes available on Windows 7 style Start menu- Default theme, Rounded theme and Windows 7 theme. Transparency can be enabled or disabled and you can select the color you like. The Start button icon can be customized, by default there are two icons available but you can select any other icon as Start button. Just like the old Windows 7 styled Start menu, here you can pin frequently used programs. You can also add a shortcut to a folder.

 Here is a video demonstrating the features of Stardock Start8 


Overall Start8 is a great Start menu replacement for Windows 8 computers. If you want to add the Start menu to Windows 8 computers, then check out Start8.  Download the 30 days free trial edition and start using it. License key of Stardock Start8 can be purchased for $4.99 only.

Download Stardock Start8