How to Install WhatsApp on Nokia N900

Nokia N900 was an unfortunate mobile phone. Just after its release Nokia discontinued support for Maemo 5 operating system. As a result developer didn’t make any good applications and games for it. There are many useful applications are missing on the Nokia N900. We can install Android on Nokia N900 to get more apps but that is not a permanent solution. Many instant messaging services are not available for Maemo 5 OS. So if you like to stay connected with friends the you are out of luck. WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular messaging applications. Unfortunately there is no official WhatsApp client for Nokia N900. But don’t worry, we can still use WhatsApp on Nokia N900 using some unofficial client. There is one application called ‘Yappari’ which lets you use WhatsApp Messaging on Nokia N900. It is an unofficial WhatsApp client for Nokia N900.

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Nokia N900 WhatApp download

Yappati: Download WhatsApp on Nokia N900

To download the unofficial WhatsApp client for N900 you need to enable the Extras-devel Repository on mobile. Open Application manager and manually enter all details of the repository and update application catalogue. Now search for ‘Yappari’ and install it on mobile.Open application drawer and tap on Yappari icon. First you will be asked to enter your country code and phone number.

Nokia N900 WhatsApp client

Correctly provide all these details and tap on ‘Done’ button. You will be told that the phone number will be verified, tap on ‘Save’ button to register WhatsApp.

Nokia N900 WhatsApp registration

Now Yappari will start WhatsApp registration process. It will take a few seconds and you will receive verification SMS from WhatsApp. The app will automatically get the verification code from the SMS and log in to WhatsApp. Now all your phone contacts will be synchronized.

Tap on ‘Create Chat’ button and select the contact to start chatting with friends. Now you are ready to unleash full potential of WhatsApp on Nokia N900.

Start WhatsApp chat Yappari

Yappari is a full-fledged WhatsApp client for Nokia N900. It comes with full set of WhatsApp Emoj and it supports photo, audio and video exchange. You an even set status and edit your profile. It is also possible to start Yappari whenever phone starts.

N900 WhatsApp chat

If you like the Nokia N900 WhatsApp client then please support the developer by donation.

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  1. please how do one open Extras-devel Repository on mobile. and where in the Application manager should one manually enter all details of the repository and update application catalogue.

  2. pls i was chating on yappari whatsapp and of a sudden it went off n now my whatsapp is nt working.what do you think i should do?even wn i deleted it and download new one it still nt working

  3. I am using Yappari. It is totally stable in performance and is very good overall. Recommended highly. Of course, profound thanks to the developers.

  4. hi developer n others……i have problem with my yappari……it disconnects always…..when i see n tries to login it says “retry….connecting in 10 seconds”…..anyone plz help me to fix this problem…..u may say to reinstall d app……which has also been done

  5. hello, i wonder if you could help me, i have successfully download yappari on my nokia n900, but when i wanted to put the code, i asked to give me that code by a call, because it did not work by sms, i asked to call me but it answered me that the version of yappari is old, so please help me, how to download whatsapp or yappari on my nokia n900, with all thanks

  6. i have already used yappari but after some days its not working .connected disconnected like that going on proprly its not connecting and now i am unable to chat so plz help me

  7. hi i succed download yappari when im try to put the code by call it says that vision is old pls help me how will i do

  8. I used to have whatsapp in my old phone but I couldn’t install it again in my new phone. it was working fine in my old phone yesterday, but now it shows that I need to install a new version which I couldn’t fined. please help. I alway use whatsapp as my primary chat app