Windows Blue Update for Windows 8 Leaked, Download Windows Blue Now!

Windows Blue, the updated version of Windows 8 just leaked on the internet. Windows Blue is not a new operating system from Microsoft, actually it is codename of updated version of Windows 8. Windows Blue update for Windows 8 is scheduled to be released sometime in the near future. The early…
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Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack for Windows XP, Vista and 7

Over the time we get bored with the same user interface and theme style. Why not change the looks of operating system with new transformation packs? Transformation packs are the easiest way of changing the looks of any operating system. There are many theme packs available for computers like Mac…
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How to Add Shutdown, Restart, Log Off Buttons on Windows 8

Windows 8 houses the latest features that Microsoft thinks has the powers to change the computing experience. Microsoft is boasting about the user interface also known as Metro Style UI everywhere. The UI is a master of disguise and thus creating problems for users to reach the system power options…
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How To Reset Windows 7 Password Using Windows Password Resetter Tool

Oops! I forgot my windows password! Does this happen to you often? Then you might know how difficult it is to recover windows password. There are almost no easy way to reset windows password. In these case we usually left with one option - reinstalling Windows operating system. Reinstalling OS may solve the…
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