How To Watch Live TV on Android Phones and Tablets

The scope for practicality that smartphones have introduced since their burst onto the market is huge. Email pushing, instant messaging and application usage have revolutionized the way mobile phones have been used, and this has gone further to allow users to watch TV on their phones.

Live and recorded viewing is available to anybody with a good smartphone that has a 3G or Wi-Fi connection, and is very easy to set up. Whilst Apple initiated the original smartphone revolution, Google’s Android has made huge ground in creation competition, and watching TV on their smartphones is no exception, offering the opportunity for users to watch hundreds of TV channels on their portable devices.

In order to watch TV through a mobile phone, there are several requirements necessary. Firstly, as has been mentioned, an Internet connection of a good quality such as a 3G network or Wi-Fi is necessary. Low connectivity can cause problems with the stream of the TV channels. Secondly, a smartphone good enough to handle high volumes of data is required. Any Android smartphone from the past two years should be sufficient for such a task, but the more recently released and faster phones are more likely to yield better results. Thirdly, other software may be required on the phone in order to provide the viewing of the stream. Often, this is in the form of the latest Flash Player software, which is free for download from maker Adobe’s website. Finally, the crucial element required in order to watch TV on your Android phone is the application that will enable you to do it. Watching TV through the web browser on your phone can be clumsy, possibly slower and time consuming due to the fact that the website offering the TV channels may not be designed for mobile browsing. As such, a mobile phone application can speed this process up. There are a number of applications available that allow you to watch TV on your smartphone, which we will now go into.

Both paid and free applications are available to download from Google Play [Android Market] , all of which offer good service. Due to the good quality of the free applications, you can use them in order to save money.

Best Applications to Watch  Live TV on Android Mobile and Tablets


Yamgo is one good-quality free live TV provider. Available through simple download, it claims to be the world’s most popular provider of Internet TV. There are no limits on how much a person can watch through the site, with hundreds of channels available for viewing. However, criticisms have been made of the application for lack of consistency, lack of key channels and compatibility issues. But anyway, at a price of zero there’s no harm in giving it a try.

Watch TV

Another phone application available is Watch TV, which offers a similar service to Yamgo. However, it also provides a paid version, which eliminates some adverts in the streaming such as pop-ups. Anyway, it is worth trying a number of free versions prior to purchasing any paid content, and in order to find the best TV watching platform for your phone.

Mera Live TV

Mera Live Tv is a popular Android app to watch live TV on Android mobiles and Tablets. This app offers many Indian and International live TV channel. Mera Live TV can work on 2G internet connection but for best experience 3G or Wi-Fi connection is recommended. Adobe flash player is not required to use this free Android TV application.

It is worth noting that in the UK, you are required to hold a valid TV license in order to watch live TV from your mobile phone. Failure to do so can result in a hefty fine and court appearance. If you already own a TV license, then this covers the use of your mobile phone and so another license is not necessary.

Do you use any other application to watch live TV on Android? Do share your experience with us.


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