Best 3G WiFi Router & Portable 3G WiFi Modem to Share Internet

Internet and 3G data usage are increasing daily. According to a survey 70% of people have more than one device connected to the internet at a time. If you have a laptop, a phone and tablet you would love to have a mobile hotspot to have internet connected to them all at once. New Android tablets like Google Nexus 10, Micromax Funbook Pro does not feature a SIM card slot to connect to 3G data easily. You would either need to data card and 3G Wi-Fi Router or 3G Wi-Fi Modem to have the internet connection. Portable hotspot provides a reliable mobile solution to this issue and you can share internet connection with your friends or between devices you have. I have searched the internet extensively and found some good portable 3G WiFi modem or 3GWiFi  router that can provide you wireless internet sharing on the move. Check out the list below:

Best Wi-Fi 3G Modem & Router

Best 3G Wi-Fi Modem and 3G Wi-Fi Router

1. Huawei E5776

Huawei E5776  3g 4g hotspot

Huawei E5776 is most capable 4G and 3G Wi-Fi hotspot. It supports most of the 3G and 4G mobile networks around the world. Huawei E5776 can offer maximum 150 Mbps speed on 4G LTE network and 43.2 Mbps speed on 3G network. It takes a standard SIM card and it can automatically configure APN settings. This mobile hotspot can create WiFi hotspot and capable of serving 10 devices simultaneously, which is good for small offices or homes. Huawei E5776 has a micro SD card slot that can support max 32 GB card. It has built-in 3,000 mAh battery that provides up to 10 hours working time. There is also a LCD screen which shows network information. Huawei E5776 can be a great choice for those who are looking for high performance portable 3G & 4G mobile hotspot.

  • SIM Card slot: Standard SIM card
  • MicroSD card slot: Yes
  • Battery powered: Yes2

2. Huawei E5372s-22

Huawei E5372s-22

Huawei E5372s-22 is a less expensive version of Huawei E5776. While it keeps most of the features of earlier one, it loses some battery life and is compatible with Micro/Nano SIM card. Huawei E5372s-22 can operate at 150 Mbps on 4G LTE Cat 4 network and 42.2 Mbps on 3G network. This 4G & 3G Wi-Fi hotspot can connect up to 11 devices simultaneously. It has a little LCD display which shows relevant network and battery status. Huawei E5372s-22 has smaller 1,780 mAh battery that translates to 6 hours working time. It does have a micro SD card slot supporting maximum 32 GB memory cards for sharing media.

  • SIM Card slot: Micro/Nano SIM card
  • MicroSD card slot: Yes
  • Battery powered: Yes

3. Beetel 3G Max:

Beetel 3G Max

Beetel 3G Max

BeetelWi -Fi 3G modem has the same specs, data speed and run time as Micromax 400R. But it’s capable to handle a 32GB MicroSD card and offers faster upload speed (5.76 Mbps) compared to Micromax MMX 400R. It has a SIM card slot and it is powered by a battery which is rated to offer up to 4 hours battery life. Beetel 3G max is available for around Rs 2400.

  • SIM Card slot: Yes
  • Battery powered: Yes

4. Alcatel Y 280:


Alcatel Y 280

Alcatel Y 280

Priced at Rs 4200 ($76) and has the features of Micromax 400R. It has a 3G SIM card slot and provides data speed up to 7.2Mbps and connectivity time up to 4.5 hours. There are some good reviews over Flipkart but I do not feel that this device is worthy of its price, better go for the Huawei one.

  • SIM Card slot: Yes
  • Battery powered: Yes

5. Lava Mi-Fi Router W150:


Lava Mi-Fi Router W150

Lava Mi-Fi Router W150

Lava is another well known telecom company in India. This mobile Wi-Fi 3G router can connect to 3G as well as CDMA data cards. It also provides to convert Wired connection to Wi-Fi. Just connect the RJ45 cable and it will automatically behave as Wi-Fi Router. Priced at Rs 3000 ($55) and boasts about connecting up to 32 devices at once. It is powered by a 2300 mAh battery which will offer up to 4 hours usage time. It proves a real competitor to Huawei data card in terms of features.

  • SIM Card slot: No (External 3G modem needed)
  • Battery powered: Yes

6. TP-Link TL-MR3020 Portable 3G Wi-Fi Router:

TP-Link TL-MR3020

TP-Link TL-MR3020

Priced at Rs 1800 ($34) , this W-Fi 3G data card provides 3G/CDMA and RJ45 connectivity. It does not have any SIM card slot you have to plug in an external 3G/EVDO modem to share internet. Packed in just a size of Credit card, this looks like a small Mac Mini. TP-Link are renown telecom and networking products manufacturer and device is reliable and very functional.

  • SIM Card slot: No (External 3G modem needed)
  • Battery powered: No

Buy TP-Link TL-MR3020 Online:

7. Huawei E355 Wi-Fi data Modem:

Huawei E355

Huawei E355

Recently launched Huawei E355 Wi-Fi 3G modem supports up to 21.6 Mbps download speed and 5.7 Mbps upload speed. The company has equipped it with Type3i data technology for enhanced data speed. You can connect multiple devices like Smart TV, tablets, gaming console, music pods and Smartphones. It also has a MicroSD card slot which supports 32GB memory cards. There are not much information about this data card right now. Huawei E355 is priced at Rs 3200 ($60).

  • SIM Card slot: Yes
  • Battery powered: No

Buy Huawei E355 Online:

8. Huawei E5331 MiFi



Huawei E5331 MiFi is latest Wi-Fi enabled 3G data card from Huawei. It supports up to 21Mbps download speed and 5.76Mbps upload speed. Huawei E5331 MiFi has Type3i technology which offers 20% more download speed compared to non Type3i enabled 3G modems. It can connect up to 8 devices simultaneously. It is powered by 1500 mAh battery which will give 5 hours continuous usage time and 250hours standby time.

  • SIM Card slot: Yes
  • Battery powered: Yes

Buy Huawei E5331 Online:

10. Huawei E3121 Soft Wi-Fi Modem

Huawei E3121

Huawei E3121

Huawei recently announced Huawei E3121 Wi-Fi 3G modem. It is a Soft Wi-Fi data card that means it needs a Wi-Fi equipped laptop or desktop to make Wi-Fi hotspot. It comes with a software which turns a computer into Wi-Fi hotspot. Huawei E3121 has buit-in SIM card slot and it supports up to 14.4 Mbps download speed and 5.76 Mbps upload speed. It also features a Micro SD card slot which can handle 32GB cards. It has Type3i technology for better signal and speed. Huawei E3121 costs Rs 1699 ($32)

  • SIM Card slot: Yes
  • Battery powered: No

Data cards like Lava Mi-Fi and TP-Link provides RJ45 connectivity with high speed 3G data connectivity. These data cards are preferred by users because of their flexible functionalities. If you do not need data sharing then you can go for other data cards available at a price lower than Rs 1500. If you have multiple devices at home that you need to have a data connection on then go for any reliable Wi-Fi 3G modem or router mentioned above. There are many Android phone available below Rs 5000 that can treat as a W-FI 3G Hotspot.

Do you own any one of these Wi-Fi 3G modems or routers? Do share your review with us.


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      • my onida tv had wifi, wifi adapator, android, internet app but help me out how to connect above mentioned App..does TP-Link TL-MR3020 Portable 3G Router supports for the same

      • I have Dlink DSL-2750U Wifi router. I have been trying to use this router as a 3G router but without success. I have configured this router to work with a ethernet based internet provider and I am able to use this as a wifi router. However I am unhappy with this ethernet based internet provider and I want to move to 3G dongle based internet. But unable to do so. I have given the right APN, username, password in the 3G section of the router configuration, but the wifi adapter still gets a local ip address. I saw the system log where it says USB modem has connected and has switched mode. Can you please help me. These are the log messages I saw:
        Jan 1 02:09:11 user info kernel: usb 2-1: new full speed USB device using ohci_hcd and address 3
        Jan 1 02:09:12 user info hsdpa[1026]: type: 0/0/0, interface: (null)
        Jan 1 02:09:12 user info kernel: usb 2-1: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
        Jan 1 02:09:12 user info kernel: scsi1 : SCSI emulation for USB Mass Storage devices
        Jan 1 02:09:12 user debug kernel: usb-storage: device found at 3
        Jan 1 02:09:12 user debug kernel: usb-storage: waiting for device to settle before scanning
        Jan 1 02:09:12 user info hsdpa[1027]: type: 0/0/0, interface: 8/6/80
        Jan 1 02:09:12 user info hsdpa[1027]: sleep 5s to wait modem ready
        Jan 1 02:09:17 user notice kernel: scsi 1:0:0:0: CD-ROM ZTE USB Storage FFF1 2.31 PQ: 0 ANSI: 2
        Jan 1 02:09:17 user info hsdpa[1027]: switch modem…
        Jan 1 02:09:17 user debug kernel: usb-storage: device scan complete
        Jan 1 02:09:20 user info hsdpa[1027]: switch modem successfully…

      • Hi Plaban,
        I bought a Micromax pocket router MMx 400 R after seeing the details from your post, thanks. I tried to use this with airtel sim not 3g it works fine. Pls say how i can connect it with Bsnl normal broad ban connection.

      • Recently i bought 3020 TP-LINK 3G/4G Router and i hav MBLAZE but i donno to configure..can ya juss direct me how to configure wit MBLAZE … thank u …

        • Hi Mrithun,
          You can configure MTS Mblaze modems from the TP-link settings panel. Enter the IP address of router’s setting page. Then navigate to ‘Quick Setup’ option. There select MTS India.

          • Hi Plaban,
            The device got connected thank u dude,when i check it in the status option… It shows device IDENTIFIED but the signal is totally dead 0% Signal… it doestn’t show any ups and downs in the signal slot..But wen i connect the MTS DATACARD directly in PC it works like a charm !!! What can i do for it ??? Plz say some suggestions..Thank U..

  1. Hey what about the BSNL wireless modem, that comes with taking a broadband connection, can’t it be used to connect multiple device with its wireless feature. If so give me a link about knowing how to do it.
    Thank You

  2. Hi, can I connect my desktop to the 3G wifi router thru an ethernet cable ? My desktop does not have wifi feature but can work only on wired internet connection. While I see input ports, I dont’ see whether there is a USB output port on these routers.

  3. Tks. Does this mean these wifi routers can also work as wired routers ? Are these 4 ethernet ports are for input or output ports ?

  4. TP Link also have launched a portable wifi router TL MR3020. Can this also be connected to my desktop ? I see a ethernet port in this model also, though not sure whether it is a WAN or LAN port

  5. Can I insert the GSM sim directly into TP-Link TL-MR3020 Portable 3G Router? so that I don’t need a separate data card? Is it better than micromax?

  6. Sir,can I insert BSNL 3G micro sim card in Micomax 400 R or should I buy the BSNL 3G router with pre installed sim.

  7. Sir,can you be a little clear on that.I have a BSNL 3g micro sim in my IPad,but I do not want to carry it with me on tours for the fear of theft.I want to buy a cheaper 10 -12k android wi-fi only tablet and a router & install the BSNL 3G micro sim I already have. Pl.suggest a more compatible router.

  8. Hi Mr.Plaban…
    I just have a small query. i have recently purchased TL-MR3220 wifi router which u were using from the past few months. I also have an MTS Mblaze cdma data card. Now can i start working with wifi connection on samsung tabs which runs on ANDROID OS V 4.0.

  9. Thanks for the reply Bro.
    Actually in the TP LINK company’s website, they have mentioned all other OS but not Android. Of Course Android is a LINUX based OS, but still need a clarification. thanks

  10. Dear Mr. Plaban,
    This post is truly useful for us. I wish to buy TP-Link TL-MR3040 ( facility with battery powered) or TP-Link TL-MR3020. Please suggest which one is better & its price in India (Kolkata). Hope it works with normal GSM modem (Airtel/ BSNL/Vodaphone).

    • Hi, Indranil
      You can buy TP-Link TL-MR3040 if you want a portable router otherwise TP-Link TL-MR3020 is good choice. TP-Link TL-MR3020 will cost around Rs 1900 in Kolkata. Most of the GSM and CDMA modems work with it.

  11. Hi Mr. Plaban,

    I tried connecting my TP-LINK TL-MR3220 with ZTE MTS BROAD BAND CDMA USB MODEM to samsung galaxy tab 2. Tab recognizes the router but not the Internet or modem connected to it. I have tried configuring the router as said by the TP-LINK customer care. after configuring , it shows signal strength well and good. but when i try connecting to obtain IP adress it fails. Kindly help me out of this problem.

  12. I want to buy tp link mr 3040… Battery powered … As I keep on roaming … What I’d the cost and whr can I find it in Mumbai…

  13. Hi. Howz the speed of Micromax 400R. I am using a micromax 353G data card and reliance 3g sim. I currently get download speed of around 400 – 700 kbps.
    How much speed can i get if i use micromax 400R (i.e. thru wifi). I am also going to connect xbox for online gaming?

    • I think speed will be almost similar as internet speed mostly depends on the network. Both Micromax MMX 353G and Micromax 400R are capable of 7.2 Mbps download speed, so it will not be a problem.

  14. i just got TP-Link TL-MR3040. I need to use it in India on my ipad wifi . What is the best Internet service provide provider I can connect it to? Do I just need to buy any Internet Dongal in India and get connected to wifi. I don’t have a laptop, just ipad, short travel to India. Please advise! Cheers!

      • Thanks plaban… As mentioned earlier I won’t be using any laptop in can I just connect any ISP with out downloading the dailer which the ISP provider provides that has to be download in your computer.. Not sure if ipad will support that dailer.. Please advice ! Cheers!

        • You don’t need to download any dialer. I think TP-Link TL-MR3040 have a web interface to configure USB modem settings. You need to just plug in a compatible USB modem and configure its settings using the web interface of the router and connect to the internet.

  15. Hi Plaban,
    I want help form you , Yestarday i have purchased a LAVA W150 form Ebay , when i try to connect my HUAWEI EC159 modem , it gets connected but no internet connect ( Error : No gateway) , please help me in configuring the same.
    I also tried to connect airtel 3g dongle , which got connected instantaneously.

    • Have you checked the modem compatibility list of Lava W150? Is Huawei EC159 listed there? Please check network configurations like dialing no. user name, APN etc.

  16. Hi
    Do you know any 3g routers which combines facility of directly placing SIM card like Micromax MMX 400r at the sme time can be connected to Lan internet connectivity like broadband Rj-45 cable or cable wire.


    • hello bharat,
      I hope that you may go for lava. but the only option is to use usb modem i think it is because in-built sim gives constant connectivity and it drains battery a lot.
      your opinion plaban?

      • Yes, the Lava router has Rj-45 connectivity. You can also try the TP link 3020. I think there are some Wi-Fi routers with inbuilt SIM card slot and Rj-45 connectivity. I don’t know exact model names though.

  17. Dear Mr. Plaban,
    In connection of my query at 27th. Sept. & your valuable reply I have purchased TP LINK LT MR 3020 and wireless net connection is MTS MBlaze (Model No. AC 2787) broadband. My laptop HP Mini 110 (window 7). I’ve followed all instruction wrote in TP Link’s router manual & tried to get Wi-Fi but it didn’t connect. MTS Mblaze is working very fine when I install directly to my laptop. How do I sue that router to make wi-fi with MBlaze. please advise me step by step. I am greatful to you.

    • Hello Indranil, have you got any solution for your connectivity issue. I also have same MTS data card (AC 2787) and I am planning to buy TP LINK LT MR 3020 router. Please advice me should I go for it or not.

    • Hi Indranil, the TP Link router has a web based configuration options. You can use the ‘Quick Settings’ to easily configure the USB modem. Select ‘MTS India’ while setting up the MTS modem.

  18. Hi bro yesterday i brought MR3220 model i did as mentioned in the router configuration sheet when i insert my mts AC2746 in it usb light is not glowing i tried it with E173 also still usb light is not glowing please help

  19. i have a laptop and using ZTE zxdsl 831A11 modem for bsnl broadband but i want to operate one laptop also which will away 80 meter from our modem,how can we operate both laptop for internet?

    • You can use any Wi-Fi 3G router to use internet on both laptops or use software like ‘Connectify’ to turn your first laptop in to Wi-Fi hotspot. But the coverage will be less.

  20. I am planning to buy Asus RT-N10E router along with a broadband connection. Is the router good? Secondly, can I connect my Android handset without first opening my laptop to get the wifi connection?

  21. Hi,

    First of all Thanks for great information.

    I’m looking to buy TP Link MR3220 router. I have huawei E1732 3g modem which is in tp link 3220 router’s supporting device list. But the modem which I’m having is unlocked one.
    So I want to know whether tp link 3220 supports unlocked modem?

  22. 1st …tnx..tnx…a lot for this gr8 info.. 🙂
    2nd thing i just bought ipod 5g!
    but in India we don’t have that much wifi spots. So i need 1 wifi creator modem to access Internet on it … but i don’t have laptop ,
    so i need wifi creator to which i can just plug my Mblaze or any other 3g USB modem to use sim card Internet service…
    n it will also dial it automatically.. (1st operation we usually perform before connecting to net while using 3g modem by putting sim card into it )..
    thanks in advance ..)

  23. hello Plaban.
    i wont to know, it is possible to use
    tp link tl-mr3220 with 2g ( EDGE ) connection only ,
    place where i live it is not coverage with 3G signal.
    please let me kno.

  24. Hi,

    I bought mmx400r, I know there is no provision to find the balance with the help of device or its web app.
    Do you know any 3rd party app to use the phone calls / USSD with MMX400R?

  25. I want to use TL-MR3020 with Reliance Huawei EC-150 dongle,for internet connection to my laptop with Windows XP, iPod 3 and Kindle. I am discouraged by the 3020 spec OS- Windows 7 . Where does the OS come in?
    Will there be any other problem?

  26. Hi,
    Do you have any idea of the normal range of this wifi strength covers? Like 10 meters, 25 meters radius etc?

    Thank you.

  27. Hi All,
    I came across the below where we can use any internet connection and create our own wlan setup with win7. please have a look and try. It worked for me..

  28. hi, can i use/connect tplink 3040 portable router to sony smart tv thru lan port. the 3040 is connected to my 3g mobile(hot spot) thru wifi. So can i use internet on sony tv without sony specified 3g dongle (UWA-BR100).

  29. I guess TP-Link 3040 doesn’t have option to insert your 3G sim and use it as a 3G Data Card. Can you please confirm?

    My requirement is to have a WiFi modem cum router. Huawei E355 seems to be a very good option but it lack the option to use with a tab on a go (where there is no option or power outlet/USB port). What could be the best option to address this requirement?

    • TP-Link 3040 doesn’t have a SIM card slot, you have to use an external 3G modem with it. I think you should get a Micromax MMX400R which has a SIM card slot and built-in battery.

  30. Hi Plaban,

    Very useful post. However am totally lost now. Some questions below if you don’t mind.

    1. Does a wireless modem mean that it will have to connect via sim or a 3G dongle?
    2. So a wifi 3g modem + router basically means I can use a 3G dongle or sim card to create a wifi network, am I right here?
    3. Some of these will have the option of creating a wired network as well?
    4. The advantage of using a sim based portable wi fi 3G modem router is that I can use it on multiple devices, right?
    5. What would you recommend for setting up a home network and for travel? If I could just pop the sim into my ipad for office, and into the router for home would be great right? Plus if on longer stay can take the router with me.


    • Hi Madan,
      I’m very sorry for the confusion. I’ll update the article soon with more information. Let me answer your questions one by one.

      1. Using Wi-Fi routers you will be able to share your internet connection through Wi-Fi. Typical Wi-Fi routers can share wired broadband internet connection whereas these Wi-Fi 3G routers can share 3G internet connection in addition to that (there is some exception though). Some 3G Wi-Fi routes like Huawei E560 or Micromax 400R comes with a SIM card slot where you just need to insert a 3G SIM card for internet connectivity. But some routers like TP-Link TL-MR3020 don’t have this feature, so you need to plug a compatible USB 3G modem in order to share the internet.

      2. To create a Wi-Fi network you need the following things-
      i> 3G Wi-Fi router (e.g.: Huawei E56 or Micromax 400R ) + 3G SIM


      ii> 3G Wi-Fi Router (e.g. TP-Link TL-MR3020 ) + External 3G modem+ 3G SIM

      3. Yes, some routers have a LAN port using which you can create a wired network. In this article we have mainly discussed about portable Wi-Fi 3G routers which are smaller in size and some has only one LAN port (e.g. TP-Link TL-MR3020, Lava Mi-Fi Router W150:). If you need to connect multiple computers then you may consider bigger routers like TP Link TL-MR3220 which has 4-5 LAN ports.

      4. Yes, you can use the internet on multiple devices at the same time (some routes support up to 5 devices simultaneously).

      5. Select a router according to your preference. If you want to set up a home network and share 3G internet connection then I’ll recommend you to use some routers like TP Link TL-MR3220. For travel you can select a router which has inbuilt battery like Huawei E560 or Micromax 400R.

  31. May I know the 3g routers works with bsnl/airtel broadband internet connection?
    I already have airtel broadband internet connection (not WAN/LAN like port, a telephone cable port), I am using an ADSL2 modem/router to broadcast it to wifi signal. Also have a USB modem, so I want to device to broadcast wifi signal from noth USB modem and broadband internet connection.

  32. Hi,

    I am planning to but nexus 7 tab with wifi , so when I go through the net I came accross about mobile hotspot, so could you please let me know how I can connect the tab with hotspot.

    Thanks in advance,

      • i have a Nexus 7 8GB Wifi only tablet, pl sugest any portable wifi router to access the net connectivity. Is TP Link MR3020 OK for the same?

  33. i have an micromax USB modem, and airtel sim card in it. When i inserted it in my laptop, micromax usb get installed but it is showing no connections available, although my airtel sim has been activated. Kindly suggest what settings should be done to connect to internet..

    • For accessing Airtel 2G internet you have to add on APN as I don’t know APN for accessing 3G. Please call customer care for full settings.

    • first for all see you sim card that its correct entererd in modem then open micromax apps. in your laptop and click network selection in micromax apps then select automatic network ( for automatic detect you sim ) now go connection profile click add then select airtel network ………..and the last click on connect internet options in your modem if its connect then you surfing internet……thats all

  34. I tried to connect MTS Mblaze dongle ZTE AC2746 with Lava W150 for sharing internet connection with Laptop, Andriod phone through WiFi. It is in supported list of Lava W150 Pocket router. For sometime only google site opened, no other site opened. Network is showing weak signal. But dongle is working very fine when used directly. Please suggest what to do?

      • I am having the same problem. I have an MTNL 3G Jadoo SIM which refuses to connect with my Huawei E 355. However, It seems to be working fine on other devices. What should one do?

  35. I am using leoxsys battery powered pocket 3G Router and working perfectly since last 15 months.can check more details by googling.

  36. Thanks for the reply to my last query.
    I have installed TL-MR3020 with Reliance Dongle, to feed my laptop, iPad and Kindle. Everything is fine except frequent interruption to Internet connection on the laptop. Dongle directly on laptop was much better.
    Also is there a way to WiFi enable my Canon MP145 printer, now working from USB.

  37. Dear Plaban , I live in rural area where only 2g service is available even though it is too poor and fluctuating , i have visiontek 3g modem since connectivity is low so i get speed 5-20 /kbps for my laptop
    1.If i buy micromax MMX400r wireless router can iget enhanced speed can this router improve speed… or any other router can give me a satisfactory solution .
    2.Except router any another device which can enhance net speed up to almost 50-75/kbps that will be sufficent for me in available 2g .
    Dear friend i am very puzzled with low speed problem ,i tabled while scene of my area’s available internet fascility now what step or device can solve my problem plzzzzzzz

    • Hi Ramesh,
      Internet speed mostly depends on network strength, no. of active users etc. On 2G internet connection 5-20 kBps is normal speed. The maximum speed I’ve seen in 2G network was around 32 kBps.
      You will not get better speed if you buy Micromax modem. Although there are some modems like Huawei E355 which has Type3i Technology which provides upto 20% more upload and download speed. But on 2G network the increase will be negligible.

      Do you have any other EDVO based wireless service provider in your area? Like BSNL EVDO, MTS MBalze, Tata Photon Plus?

  38. Thanks for such a wonderful info above…I have a acer iconia a100 wifi only tablet.I want a portable internet solution for it..It has a micro usb slot…so no normal datacard can be used.i travel very much so i want a very portable datacard with call & sms facility….
    Which one will be the best choice???????pls give full spec & features..Is beetel/micromax/huawei Mi-fi a good choice??? do they have sms & call facility???

  39. Hi Plaban
    I recently bought TP link MR 3040. Have you tried this? Presuming that MR 3040 is the battery powered clone of MR 3020. While connecting to MTS MBlaze (using MR 3020) did you see any difference in speed? I got MR 3040 connected to the MTS MBlaze modem (ZTE AC2766), but the speed becomes very slow, like GPRS. Any clue on this?? Plz help!

    • I’ve not used TP Link MR 3040. I’ve TP Link MR 3220 and don’t have any speed problem while using MTS MBlaze or BSNL EVDO. I think you are getting GPRS like speed because for some reason the modem is connecting to slow 1X network instead of high speed EVDO network. Go through the setting and check whether you can switch between 1X and EVDO networks.

      • hi, I recently bought a TL-MR3220 V2 to use with BSNL EvDo (Prithvi UE100 modem), but the problem I’m facing is pretty weird. I’m getting much slower speed if I connect via the modem, almost like its on slower network………a suggestion will be appreciated, thanks

        • Can you confirm you have a MR3220 V2 working with BSNL UE100, as I was told that it does not work with V2.
          Which firmware version are you using…

        • Can you pls. confirm that BSNL UE-100 works with MR3220 V2, as I was told this ill not work on V2.
          Which Firmware are you using & what is the dialer setup like…
          Pls. provide the feedback as I have the same setup but not working.

      • Hi, Plaban,
        Can you confirm that the TP MR 3040 is the battery powered clone of TP MR 3020 i.e. other than the battery, they are effectivly the same.
        Many Thanks in advance.

  40. i have mtnl broadband wi-fi internet..but when i connect my htc mobile phone with that wi-fi network it is not what can i do for access of internet in my htc with wi-fi network..?????????????

  41. Hi,

    I have a Phoon+ data card, how can i create a wifi network. Which will be the best Wi-Fi 3G Routers.
    Please suggest a solution?

  42. hello
    i have nokia lumia 510 mobile, samsung galaxy tab2 and desktop.i like to conect to internet to all these at a same time by using both 3g sim card and usb data cards..which router is best? and i want long battery life and reliable product.

  43. hello
    I just got my huawei E355 wifi datacard. and buy bsnl 3G sim and activeted 3Gplan and inserted in datacard but it didn’t work. I got
    “Connection failed. The profile is invalid. Please contact your service provider.” I checked apn 10 times and concerned with ISP but no luck I don’t know what to do ? help me ?

  44. Hi Plaban 🙂
    I want to know which WI FI Router works 100% fine with my Reliance Net Connect Plus data card (ZTE AC2737) & Lava 730G (Using 3G with Airtel GSM Sim Card)
    Operating Systems: Windows XP sp2(Using with Desktop), Windows7(Using with Desktop), Linux(Ubuntu 11.10)(Using with Sony VAIO SVE15116EN Laptop), Ios(Apple Iphone 4s2)

    Only Suggest Anyone Out Of These Two:
    TP Link MR 3020
    TP Link MR 3040

    Thanks, Have a nice evng 🙂


  46. I have got tata photon plus connection (prepaid) with huwaei EC 152 device.I need 3g wifi router for my micromax tablet.Can u suggest one? On laptop i need to select prepaid from default setting of postpaid. For 3g wifi router what settings do i need to change for prepaid

  47. Hi plaban
    i bought my google nexus 7 tablet today, i need to connect my reliance data card to it, is it possible?
    if not , then how can i connect without using wifi

  48. Hi Plaban, nice review, thank you.
    I just have one question:
    can any of this devices work without beeing connected to the computer?

  49. Hi i have bought a hcl me u1 tablet and a tata photon modem. now i want to connect that modem wth my tab through a wifi router. can i do that and if yes can u tell me which model and wer i’l get it.

    • Yes, you can do that. I think battery equipped 3G router like Lava Mi-Fi Router W150v will be good for you. You can buy it from online stores like Flipkart.

  50. Hi,

    I bought the Beetel 3G max wifi router to work with my Vodafone 3G data card. However when i use the SIM with the Beetel router it only registers the 2G network. But when I use the SIM with the Vodafone USB dongle I get 3G connectivity. Are you able to advise what is causing this problem?

      • Thanks, I had set the network select on auto, and normally it should have taken it. However when I tried it from my office it picked up the 3G network. From home I still have a problem, the Vodafone dongle picks 3G and the router picks 2G. If I manually scan for available networks it only shows the 2G network…:(

  51. I have just bought a Beetel 3G Max wifi device. I am using an new Idea sim with 3G network. but it shows a red solid light on the network connection resembling 2g connectivity. The device does not connect with my laptop after entering the security key in the wifi settings. I am using the windows 8 software. Can u please help….

    • Disable security settings first and try to connect it to the laptop. If everything works fine then enable security settings. I think there should be some option to manually select 3G network.

  52. Hi I had bought an Touchmate tablet ( it has Wi-Fi and USB dongle )and it accepts only 3g connection, hence I checked it with reliance 3G 7.2 mpbs and it was working, however later while buying i got a good offer and i bought the 21 mpbs dongle.. now this dongle is not compatible with my tablet and its a waste :
    1. Are there any software to make the dongle compatible with tablet ?
    2. Shalli buy a router to attach the relaince 21 mpbs data card to it and then use tablet with wifi ? Would i get similar speed ?


    • You can contact the tablet manufacturer and ask about the modem compatibility. I think the chance is less. You can buy any portable 3G router which supports the 21 Mbps modem. Check TP Link website and find out which router supports your modem. Yes, speed will be similar.

      • Thanks Plaban,

        1. I searched the entire mulund market but cudnt lay my hand on TP – Link nano router, storekeeper said it does not sell much.
        2. all i got was I-Ball travel router with/without batter but it is priced at 2500 / 3500 respectively. It doesnt have sim card slot.
        Please share you clairvoyance in suggesting what to do .
        1. Shalli go ahead with I-Ball
        2. Or shall go ahead with Micromax ( which unfortunately not available anywhere) which by the way in the same cost range as i-ball but with sim and other features
        3. I should order tp-link online

  53. Hi plaban,
    I have a few queries …
    1. Is Mblaze USB modem ZTE ac 2787 compatible with TP link MR 3040?
    2. Is it possible to frequently switch between evdo modem and 3G dongle (sim card option) without any kind of setup on MR 3040?
    3. ….. And lastly is the MR 3040 a plug and play type or is there any setup involved (I guess this should also answer my previous question)?

  54. Hi
    Well I have checked their site and I guess it’s not compatible with MR 3040. Could you suggest any other portable router to work with ZTE AC 2787

  55. Micromax MMX – 400R – 3G Pocket Wireless Router
    Micromax MMX – 400R – data card
    which one of the above is best for laptop ,pc ,tablet, smart phone.?
    In features of Micromax MMX – 400R – data card i saw————————— Browser : Internet Explorer 3.0/4.0
    what does it means ?

  56. is uploading and downloading speed of Micromax MMX 400R 3g wireless router
    Beetel 3g max wifi router is same i need both uploading and downloading speed high which of above both i can buy

    • Both 3G routers offer 7.2 Mbps download speed. Micromax 400R supports upload speed up to 384 Kbps only whereas Beetel 3G Max offers 5.76Mbps upload speed.

    • I think it’s not possible to connect it to computer and use internet connection without Wi-Fi as it doesn’t have any LAN port. You can buy Wi-Fi adapter for desktop to use Wi-Fi. However it supports USB cable I’m not sure if you can use internet using that USB connectivity.

  57. 1.) how we can connect mmx 400r to computer without wifi ?

    2.) which is best for computer to connect it by usb :-
    Micromax MMX 400R 3g wireless router
    Beetel 3g max wifi router

    3.) which is best wifi adapter for computer ; from where online i can buy it?

  58. please suggest me which modem is best between Huawei e355 and e3131b in term of performance speed and heat. If e355 is best then tell me is it possible to make a call in this modem by installing mobile partner software. And if e3131b is best then suggest me a good router for it.

    • Both are very good data cards and don’t get very hot during prolonged usage. Huawei E3131B has calling feature and can be used as Wi-Fi router when connected to the computer. Huawei E355 doesn’t have calling facility.

  59. Dear All,

    I have a wifi router Lava W150 and i want to connect this with my existing dongle Tata Photon Plus (Olive VME102), It is not connecting. The Red light is blinking continuously in the wifi router. I did some internet research and made some changes in the APN settings, but nothing went well. Can somebody suggest me the solution? otherwise i have done a wrong investment of buying a router.

    Pallav Mathur

  60. thanks for previous reply. Now i decided to buy a huawei 3131 from snapdeal. Is this modem unlocked?

    I know it has wifi router facility but through the laptop wifi adapter.So i want to but a external 3G wifi router.I shortlisted two router. TP LINK TL-MR 3220 and TL-MR 3020. which one is best ?

    I want to know the compatibility of the modem with these router from tp link they ask me is huawei 3131 modem is unlocked? how did i know the compatibility.

  61. I have an Tata Photon+ USB internet. I want to have Wi Fi in my house with Tata Photon+ USB internet.
    Can TP-Link TL-MR3020 Portable 3G Router will solve my problem?
    Model no of my Photon + is EC156.

  62. I have my old Netgear(N600 premium) router which I bought from USA. As my area doesn’t broadband/cable internet connectivty, I have been using Ariterl 3G with my laptop and not able to share internet connectivity to my Galaxy tab or Desktop(don’t have wireless capability).
    Now, after looking at your post(thanks for the details) I am planning to buy TL-3040(Portable 3G router with battery) which will work with my Airtel 3G modem.
    My question here is, can I connect this TL-3040 to my Netgear router thru LAN cable and extend the internet connection (as Netgear has multiple LAN ports and gives good signal strength in my 4 story house).

    I do see TL-3040 has 1 LAN/WAN port for this purpose but just wanted to be sure before I buy it.

    Please suggest.

  63. Hi Plaban

    It was very informative reading all the questions and your replies to them.You rock man. You are really clearing a lot of confusions people have (me included) about 3G WiFi routers/modems/ Wlan networks and related devices.
    I would be greatful if you could suggest the ideal devices to use for my following setup.

    Remote place.No broadband internet connection available.from any ISP’s
    Possible 2g/3G internet connection via dongle.
    Need to uplaod video data (from surviellance cameras)
    Ideal upload speed reqiured is 512kbps could do with little less
    Do 3G WiFi routers have port forwarding fecility like Broadband routers ?
    Do 2G/3G ISP’s provide a static IP no. on demand ?

    Thanks a million

  64. I have sony smart tv with lan port. can i connect tplink 3020 router lan port to my smart tv for using web application/internet thru my 3g LG phone (mobile) which can act as wifi hot spot. In which mode i should use this router .

  65. Recently I got MTS MBlaze AC2787 and TP-Link MR3220 after checking compatibility on TP-Link Site. The MTS dongle works fine with my new laptop but not able to use the same with TP-Ling router. Eventhoug router has latest firmware but read somewhere that it has some bug hence did firmware downgrade also. But still not able to connect using MTS Dongle. Does anyone has idea how to setup the same.
    Tried reached TP-Link customer care but not received any revert from them. Please help!!!!

    • Hi Ashok, Exactly what error you are getting when trying to connect? Have you selected MTS India in ‘Quick Setup’ menu? Sometime changing firmware version may help.

  66. lawa w 150 can support my micromax mmx 353g data card please reply me ,because i have to plan to purchase him..,and advice me which is better huawai e 355 or lawa w 150…

      • i am having tplinktl mr 3040 model router,when i connected zte ac2746 modem datacard to it,it is not identifying the modem it keep on saying identifying in status…but in tplink website zte ac2746 is listed in compatable list of mr 3040,,,can anyone help me to solve dis problem please

  67. Hi,
    im planning to buy an ipad wifi variant. Which model 3g sim wifi router should i buy,
    i want fast intrnet..
    I meant the cheaper and faster..

  68. Kindly tell me some name of wireless router which will work through bsnl broadband modem type 1 for wifi connectivity and will support 4/5 laptops, tablets, smart phones.

  69. Throw ‘Lave W150 Router’ or ‘TP-LINK Portable 3G/3.75G/4G Wireless N Router’, I Want ‘File Sharing’ and ‘Internet connection’ B/w Lappy & Tap at a Same Time. Is It Possible. Actually I M interested in Both of The Router But Confuse About File Sharing and Net Connection At Same Time.

  70. I have a samsung galaxy tab 2. 10.1 which has only WI FI . How do I access internet using Dongle or other device when travelling

  71. For my ipad2, is was looking for a portable wifi router that can work on my reliance 2g dongle. I bought TP link portable router from Flipkart but it was probably only 3g compliant so I returned the same. Now I am looking for a router for my usage from Flipkart (I have to utilise the credit) Can you please guide me.


    • Hi Subhan,

      Prithivi modem doesn’t work with TP Link MR3220. So I think it may not work with MR3020 also. I’m not sure about the Lava Mi-Fi router, you can contact them ask ask about the compatibility issue,

      • Plaban, I’m planning to buy a 3G Router for my Android Tablet ICS 4.0. I have only tablet at my home but i’m little confuse about which is best router among Lava W150 & Tplink MR3020.
        I have !dea netsetter E1732 dongle, remember i have only tablet mention above.

        pls reply soon which router i want to buy.

  72. Hi Plaban,

    i have reliance Net connect plus Dongle, am not sure how to connect it to my ipad. Do i need to have router for this, if yes please help me in knowing the best solution.
    Also, because of this Dongle am not able to use that on Desktop and my lappy simultaneously.

  73. hi I would like to use a portable wifi modem on our tour busess. would like to know if we can control the usage of data on any of these modems

    • hey hi dude, thnks for ur imp .informations…..
      i hav a different question

      i m planning to buy a wireless adsl2+modem+3g . i have a BSNL broadband conn. at my home
      i search on internet and found the TP link TD-w8961ND 300 MBPS.
      and i used IBALL 3.5g connect universal modem with BSNL 3G sim.

      so now my question is
      can IBALL work with the TP link because it is a universal modem and i afraid that it will not work
      and can i use my BSNL broadband conn. and i BALL 3.5 g universal modem alternately with the TP link TD w8961ND

      can u suggest me the best one
      that i can use all as i mentioned earlier
      which 1 i can buy?

  74. hi plaban
    i m willing to buy a TP link 300Mbps Wireless N USB ADSL2+ Modem Router
    i have a IBALL 3.5g connect universal dongal in that i used BSNL 3G Sim..
    i want to know will this IBALL universal modem work with TP link TD-W8968……
    i m dying to buy the product …..plz help me……
    and suggest me which one i can buy plz ….waiting for your reply………

  75. Sir
    I have huawei E3121 Data card ,I made my laptop as WIFI hotspot and then when i try to connect my kindle fire hd tablet through wifi, it recognise , connects
    but not surfing properly, it prompts like “check the connection” and “loading”
    then loading failed… like that… what to do…

    Please suggest me what to do


  76. Hi. I am looking for stand alon gsm 3g., or cdma wifi router that I can control its password remotely online. And it has slider type on/off switch, so that even after a long power failure, when it’s battery has died, when power comes on it will start its duty without needing to switch on.

    Please advice. I need this to view my work place from far away thru web Cam. Maybe a combination of two

    Thank you


      • Hi Plaban, i need your advice aggain! I have TP-Link TL-MR3020 Portable 3G Wi-Fi Router. I use tata photon pluse connection with it to access Internet on samsung a wifi tab 2. The problem is sometimes the Internet gets disconnected and its starts back if I re configure the router as per the manual . This is happening very often now. Is there a reason why this is happening? Or can you advice a router which supports best for indian dongle Internet connections?

          • Hi,

            I have 3g Reliance Data card. I would like to buy the wifi modum which can directly connect to 3G reliance data card and provide the wifi hot spot. Is there any recommended wifi for 3G data Card which can give speed upto 7 MBPS.


          • Hi plaban! Can you suggest another option to tplink? Any other router which can sport tataphoton dongle? I am in urgent need! Thanks .. Smit

  77. Hey. i have mts ac2787 and tp-link tl-mr3220. i already complete the quick setup. i can connect with my laptop but the internet are not working. internet is working if i directly connect it to laptop. what should i do??

  78. hi sir i have iball baton 3g + mifi gsm router … the problem is that when i connect to the wifi device on internet access written why it happened .but there also shows the internet connection in icon on the router pleast tell me i am using 2g gsm sim on it

  79. Dear TechJ,
    I have a BSNL EVDO CDMA Prithvi UE100 modem. I would like an option to convert it to 3G hotspot (wifi hotspot). What are my options?


  80. Is lava 3g mobile broadband usb stick compatible with TP-Link TL-MR3020 Portable 3G Wi-Fi Router?

  81. sir,

    I have an windows tr tab but it doesn’t support reliance dongle. so i want to buy Tp-link TL-MR3020. Does it supports the windows RT 8.1 version? please advise

  82. Beware! I found that their is an another variant of ZTE AC 2792.v02 which doesn\’t support TP-LINK TL-MR3040 wifi router. Reference: goo[dot]gl/PWWRz5

  83. i have vodafone model (k4201 i) dongle with me
    i want to buy a router for using ths dongle as a wifi pls suggest me…. which router i shuld buy

  84. I use BSNL a 3g data card with 3.6mpbs connected to laptop with ubuntu linux. Recently I bought an androit tablet the USB of which does not recognise bsnl 3g data card when inserted. The tablet says that it can connect to wifi router. Can I buy micromax 400 or 440 wifi router insert the BSNL simcard in its slot and connect to bsnl, for use in the Androit Tablet through wifi? These micromax 400 or 440 gadgets are not available locally at our place Guntur, Vijayavada. I have to buy on internet. Hence a need has arisen to be doubly sure, before placing an order. Kindly advise.

  85. Hi,
    recently purchased mts power wifi modem and now would like to increase its range between 50 meters to 80 meteres .Which router or repeater is advisable .Wide Range and signal is main criteria.


    Waiting for your response.

  86. Mts Ultra wifi data card

    Beat all Data card plan with MTS super unlimited

    40GB @999

    14GB @700

    10GB @550

    Avail in wifi /USB dongle hi-speed (up to 9.8 Mbps)

    For Home delivery Free @ 9990617450,9136422500

  87. hai friends,
    pls help me…
    i have a wifi only huawei tablet.
    what kind of modem/router is cheap&best for me.
    pls rply me..

  88. i have bought leoxsys 3G/4G wifi router, but after minor damage of its cover body time to time it stop its wifi signal. & show Blue nd Red light together ……….. when it turn on first Red then blue light Blink, what to do suggest me on

  89. Hey, I was planning to buy a dongle so I needed some help.I wanted to know whether any of Huawae dongle e8221 & e8231 support voice calling & USSD feature AFTER INSTALLING ANY HUAWAE SOFTWARE/MOBILE PARTNER SOFTWARE.
    If not then recommend a decent priced dongle in 1k-2K which
    has features-
    1.Wifi hotspot {with internal transreciever antenna to act as router(so not soft WiFi)}
    2.GSM with 3g HSPA/HSPA+ (21 or 14 Mbps speed)
    2)Call & SMS support.
    7)USB 2.0 compatable.
    8)Workable with windows 7, xp
    9)Plug & play,no installation.

  90. i search about wifi router for cdma(no sim) tata photon whiz dongle.i search those device which support this dongle & acess network also device has powerbank.

  91. Hi,

    i have a hcl laptop but which dont have wifi access.then i have airtel broadband wifi connection so, how to access internet
    in my laptop.then i have a mts prepaid wifi modem like usp with wifi device also.can i access the airtel broadbond conncetion using with mts wifi portable device.please help me…

  92. Hi…

    I am not much of a tech guy, so hope you will help.

    I have purchased a BSNL CDMA SIM and I am looking for a Wifi Dongle to which I can connect my phone and laptop at the same time.

    Please suggest..

  93. Hi plaban
    I have Airtel wifi router at home in my pc. What I want to do is I want to sit at my roof top which is 30 feet high and I want to access my same Airtel plan with portable WiFi. Can it happen?. If yes which one should I go for. If u can reply in my, I’ll be greatful to you