Best 3G Data Card to Browse Internet Everywhere

US and UK has already introduced the 4G LTE technology and we Indian still lack proper 3G connectivity in small cities and rural areas. But with the God grace most of the big cities and metro cities have 3G connectivity. There are different operators and big players involved in the 3G telecom sector and most have launched their own 3G data cards. I believe in having a free device so that I can switch my network anytime as per demand. Having a 3G dongle is essential if your business involves some internet activity and you need to connect to the web while on the move.

Best 3G data card

Most of the students also prefer to have 3G connectivity on the move to connect with friends and family, check some educational material online. Most of the modern Smartphone provides Hotspot connectivity to connect with their data connectivity. But still most of the people rely on the data card as they are easily connected and provide seamless connectivity without any battery uses. You can use some data cards on Tablets as well. I will be discussing some data cards that have sharing capability so that you can connect more than one device to a single connection. You can check my previous post on Wi-Fi enabled 3G modems and routers.

Best 3G Data Card:

Huawei E303C Data card:

Huawei E303C

Huawei is a well known International player of telecom hardware and software. Even most of companies like Tata Docomo, Airtel have launched their data card while is really Huawei hardware. Huawei E303C is one of the most preferred 3G dongle available in the market. Already, many fans are their but this device just provide easy connectivity and anyone can set it up without much configuration knowledge. The Huawei data card can provide a maximum speed of 7.2 Mbps on HSDPA network based on your service provider. It also provides a slot to connect MicroSD card up to 32GB to be used as a pen drive. It is available at a price of Rs 1700.

Huawei E355:

Huawei E355

Again, Huawei has launched their new marvel E355 3G Data card that is Wi-Fi enabled and you can share your high speed internet connection with 5 other users or devices. Priced at Rs 3000 this data card not only facilitates surfing while on move but you can also connect other devices like LED TV, Tablet etc and share the internet connection. It is capable of 21.6Mbps HSDPA connection. It also has a MicroSD card slot to handle cards up to 32 GB. Huawei E355 will set you back for Rs 3211, but at this price you will be getting hotspot functionality.

iBall 3.5G:

iBall 3.5G modem

Some users may be looking for 3G data card with high speed network and phone/ sms capability. iBall presents one of the most widespread data card preferred by people who want to make calls and send sms through the data card itself. You can enjoy data speed 7.2 Mbps on HSDPA network. There is a clean interface to make calls and send SMS easily, you can process USSD service requests as well. It is available at a price of Rs 1500 at local markets. You will need to purchase a headset to make calls as well.

Intex 3G V7.2 :

Intex 3G V7.2 data card

Intex is a well known computer peripheral company in India and they are decent when it comes to quality. Intex 3G V7.2 is another 3G modem that is HSDPA enabled with the capability to make calls and send SMS. It presents itself as a clean cut candy bar design with 2 LED indicators of Network link and activity. The software is simple with good graphics that makes it easy to dial numbers for calling or sending SMS. You can set SMS delivery report options to get the notice. When compared to iBall 3G, this data card is priced Rs 200 more. Intex 3G V7.2 is selling for Rs 1700 in the market.

D-Link DWM-156 HSUPA 3.75G:

D-Link DWM-156 3.75G Data Card

If you are searching for a sleek design with reliable quality then this 3G modem is from a well known company manufacturing network equipment. D-Link DWM-156 provide an elegant choice to set up any 6 pin SIM card to browse the internet at a speed of 7.2 Mbps on HSDPA network. It features SMS manager but there is no function to make calls. D-link data card has an internal Monopole Antenna and thus provide good network even at a scarce reception. You can add a USB extension cable to extend and keep it a directional place for better connectivity. D-Link has priced it at Rs 1650, which is very competitive when compared with other data cards mentioned above.

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  1. Nice List of best 3G datacard but I like to add one more which is MICROMAX 353G [ Inbuilt Google Chrome & Calling/Message Facility ]. It’s Performance is very well and I got very good speed with this 7.2mbps datacard.