Passport Application process has now become online with very few passport offices accepting hard copy of applications. The official website for passport application of the Government of India & also the Passport Seva Kendras (PSK) are now maintained by Tata Consultancy Services. This change has come as a boon to the people who are tech savvy & technology friendly but as a bane to those people who are too intellectually challenged to apply passport online & manage passport appointment. So, here are some guidelines which can make your passport application process easy & simple.

How to manage appointment for Passport

How to Apply for Passport Online & Manage Appointment?

Go to the official website of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India for Passport Seva :

1. Registration:

Registering yourself with a valid email ID is compulsory before proceeding with Application filling process.

Passport registration


i) Click on “Register” hyperlink as a New User under “Online Application Filing” headline.
ii) Then fill up your personal details as shown in the picture below.
iii) After registering yourself successfully, a “Thank You” message appears for registering on the Passport Seva Portal & a link is sent to your email id.
iv) To activate your account, please click the link that is sent to your email id. The link will expire after 7 Days.
v) Your account will be activated & this will complete your registration process. 


Passport registration confirm


2. Passport Login:

Passport Login


i) Now login as an existing user by clicking the “Login” hyperlink.
ii) Give your Password.
iii) See & Type the Captcha displayed on your screen in Capital letters & click the Login button.
iv) Then click on “Apply for Fresh Passport / Reissue of Passport”.

3. Passport Application:

There are 2 alternatives :

passport type

Passport application form

i) You can download the soft copy of the form, fill it offline, up-load the filled form.
ii) You can also fill the application form online.

Filling up the Application form is easy. Just fill up the form with the appropriate details. If you are filling up the form online, just click “Next” after finishing every page. Click on “Save my details” if you want to leave your application unfinished & continue filling it the next day. You can navigate between the Previous/Next page & edit your details until you click on “Submit” in the last page. Once you submit your application, you won’t be allowed to change anything.

4. Manage Appointment for Passport:

Scheduling an passpost appointment is the most difficult part of this process. It requires a speedy internet connection, speedy execution & sound knowledge.

Some Important Information regarding Passport Appointment Scheduling :

Applicant Home

i) The appointment window opens & hardly lasts for 2-3minutes.
ii) You are allowed to schedule an appointment 5 days a week (Sunday to Thursday). This varies from time to time.
iii) The appointment page will show you a slot of 15 days with different available time slots. This also varies from time to time & from one PSK to another. If you have opted for “TATKAAL” passport, then the page will show you time slots of a single day.
iv) If you lose a chance in a day, you can’t have a second try on the same day. In that case you have to wait for 24 hours & try your luck next day.
v) Back buttons are disabled while navigating between the appointment pages.
vi) Reload/Refresh buttons are also of no use in that page.
vii) Multiple Logins are disabled. So, don’t try this as in this case you will be logged out automatically & will be able to try again the next day.

Passport appointment slot book

Tips & Procedure:

i) Adjust your computer’s clock with the clock on the website which is always displayed on top of web page whenever you take any action & follow the time.
ii) Login before 5 minutes from the time scheduled for managing the appointment.
iii) Select the file & click on “Manage Appointment”, then choose the type of Appointment Quota (either Normal or Tatkaal) & click on “Create Appointment”. Option to choose the Appointment quota comes only for those people who have opted for “Tatkaal” passport while filling up their application.
iv) Then choose your PSK & enter the captcha fast & just at the stroke of the exact time, click on “Show Available Slots”. (Remember to keep CAPSLOCK “ON”) while entering the captcha everytime.
v) Server becomes a bit slow around that time due to huge traffic, so have lots of patience & wait for the page to load even if it takes some time.
vi) When the next page opens, don’t think too much. Just click on any available date/time slot.
vii) You will be asked to again enter a captcha & confirm your slot in the next page. Either you will be successful or will fail to schedule an appointment on that day.

viii) Sometimes you may be logged out automatically after this. In that case when you log in again see if there is an Appointment No. beside the Applicant Name in the row corresponding to the ARN. If yes, then you have got the appointment. Then select the file & select “Print Application receipt” button to print the Appointment Sheet.
ix)  The Appointment Sheet will have a BATCH NO. & SEQUENCE NO. with the date/time & other details mentioned in it. Take a print out of the page because this is your ticket to the PSK where you will be allowed entry on showing this page.

Note : Even if someone is a mili-second faster than you & clicks on the same day/time slot that you selected, then you will not get the appointment & have to try again the next day.

My Advice:

i) Try to click on the day/time slot which is at an uncommon place on the screen & any person who just views the page have a less probability to click on the same slot.
ii) Another thing you can try out is that, you can directly scroll down & target the last day given in the slot & select any time in the middle of that day quickly. Don’t think too much when you are inside this page & enter the captcha fast.

However, unfortunately none of these guarantee your successful scheduling of appointment. These are just measures which may increase your probability of successfully managing the appointment.

This completes your online Passport Application process. Now, just visit your concerned PSK at the date & time on which you managed the appointment.

5. View Passport Application Status Online:

To get the current status of your passport application :

i) Click on “Track Application Status” on the left side of the website under “Passport Services” headline.
ii) You will get a File number, after successful completion of procedures at the PSK. Enter that file number along with your Date of Birth & click on “Track” button.

Passport Application status

6. Police Verification:

Be alert with the phone number that you have mentioned in your passport application form as you will get a call from the POLICE where he will mention the documents which you are required to provide him & will also tell you the day/time of his visit when you are required to stay home.

7. Passport Dispatch:

As soon as your passport is ready, you will get a Passport Dispatch Intimation SMS in your mobile & will also get a mail in your email ID mentioning the date of dispatch & your passport number. So, giving a valid email ID & phone number is very important.

Thus, except the Appointment management process, all other steps are very easy & simple & require minimal/basic computer knowledge. Appointment management needs a bit of luck with both internet & your own speed. But with some patience it is easily achievable. You will be able to develop your own intuition if (in case) you fail once or twice to schedule appointment.

In case, you have any more queries/doubts feel free to write to us & it will be our pleasure to help you.

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