Wondershare Video Editor is an easy to use video editing software for both beginners and advanced users. It lets you create amazing looking videos combining home recorded videos, photos, texts and then adding 300+ effects to it. You can create professional looking home videos using Wondershare Video Editor without having any previous knowledge about video editing. In this guide I’m going to show you how to use Wondershare Video Editor to edit and produce amazing looking home videos.

First transfer all the videos, audio files and photos to the computer, which you will be using in the movie. Now download the install Wondershare Video Editor on your computer and start the program. The user interface is very simple and easy to understand. If you need any help, then click on the help button anytime for detailed online help articles and video tutorials.

Select Aspect ratio

After starting Wondershare Video Editor you will be first asked to select the aspect ratio of the movie which you want to make. You can either select 4:3 or 16:9 ratio. Once the video editor’s window is loaded, click on the ‘Import’ button which is located on the top left corner.  Wondershare Video Editor supports various media files. You can select multiple video, audio or image files to make an attractive movie. After importing all the media files you are ready to combine them in a single movie. Now drag and drop those media files in the timeline view in the order you want them to appear.

Download additional effects

Wondershare Video Editor allows adding a lot of transition effects between the media files. You can also make the movie more attractive by adding several effects to it. Wondershare Video Editor comes with many cool transition effects but you can download more effects, transitions  from online to further enhance the movie. Picture in Picture (PIP) effect is also supported. It is possible to add text to the movie and intro or end credits. With the help of Wondershare Video Editor you can easily add different audio to a video or add your own recorded narration audio to make the movie more personalized.

Wondershare Video Editor

You can preview the movie and once you are happy with the editing you can hit the ‘Create’ button. Wondershare Video Editor can produce movies in different formats suitable for various devices and purposes. It is possible to create movies which are supported by popular mobile phones and tablets. You can create movies and even upload them directly on YouTube or Facebook. Wondershare Video Editor also allows to burn the produced movie onto a blank DVD or you can save the movie file on your computer.

Wondershare Video Editor Create movie

Wondershare Video Editor is an amazing video editing software to edit and make impressive movies at home. If you are looking for a very capable and easy to use video editing software I’ll recommend you to try Wondershare Video Editor. It works on both Windows and Mac operating system. Wondershare Video Editor costs around $50. You can download and use the free trial version before making the purchase.