BSNL EVDO Review: The true unlimited internet connection

Unlimited wireless internet has become almost a myth in India. Except state-owned BSNL, no other companies are offering ‘True’ unlimited data on any wireless connection. Please correct me if I’m wrong. You might have seen many so-called ‘unlimited’ plans available on 3G or other wireless connections. However, if you dig a little bit, you will notice how ISPs are misusing the ‘unlimited’ term to lure customers.

In reality, no plans are unlimited, your speed will be throttled after consuming a certain amount of data. It will become impossible to use internet at this reduced speed. This throttled speed varies from ISP to ISP. While some reduce it to 72 Kbps, some even make worse by limiting to 32 Kbps that is even lower than speed of ancient dial-up connection!

In reality for the sake of ‘unlimited’ plans you are actually getting limited data plans. While these limited plans might be suitable for some users, but, if you are a heavy internet user like me, you will be disappointed.

I started using BSNL EVDO connection almost five years ago when 3G was not so popular as today. There were very few wireless internet service providers (Tata and Reliance) and those companies were using CDMA 1X connection at that time. The reason why I switched to BSNL EVDO was mainly because of the true unlimited data plan they were offering for Rs 750/month, which was a decent price considering the unlimited data. This is a long-term review of BSNL EVDO service.



BSNL EVDO Speed test:

Let’s talk about the main part that is the internet speed. I have a ZTE AC8700 modem which is a CDMA2000 EVDO Rel. 0 modem. It supports maximum 2.4 Mbps download speed and 153 kbps upload speed on EVDO network and maximum speed of 153.6 on the CDMA2000 1X network. This is actually an older generation modem. BSNL started rolling out faster Rev. A network that now offers 3.1 Mbps download speed and 1.8 Mbps upload speed. My testing is based on an older generation modem so the performance will be affected by the hardware limitations. This modem works on both 32 bit & 64 bit Windows and Linux operating systems.

BSNL EVDO ZTE AC8700 modem

I was using the same modem for last five years and fortunately the speed is constant till today. Unlike other networks which has become slower (both MTS MBlaze and Airtel 3G are now slower here). Most of the time I get around 1-1.2 Mbps download speed. That is good enough for surfing the internet and streaming videos on YouTube at 360p or 480p resolution. The download speed is mostly stable except some occasional connection hiccups which happens a few times a month. Sometimes the speed goes up to 1.5 Mbps but it never crossed 2 Mbps at my place. Internet Download Manager (IDM) is recommended to achieve the maximum download speed.

BSNL EVDO speed test

Internet speed depends on the distance from the base station and the number of users. The signal strength is good here, I get 4 out of 5 bars all the time. Your mileage may vary depending on your location and device used. I tested this modem on different locations, sometimes I was lucky to get 2 Mbps download speed and sometimes on crowded networks the speed dropped below 500 Kbps.

Upload speed is a different story. It is slow, painfully slow. Around 100-120 Kbps. This is mostly due to the modem I’m using. It supports maximum 153 kbps upload speed. The network is capable of offering better performance if you use a newer modem with 1.8 Mbps upload speed, you can expect far better speed.

BSNL EVDO Coverage and national Roaming:

BSNL EVDO is available in all major cities except Delhi and Mumbai. If your city doesn’t have EVDO coverage, then the data card will work on CDMA 1X mode which is available all over the India (Except Delhi and Mumbai). It supports nationwide roaming. You might have to activate this feature by going to BSNL office. But before solely relying on this connection, make sure that EVDO coverage is present at the place where you are travelling. If EVDO is not present, then it will work on the 1X connection (Max speed 144 Kbps) that is only good for light internet use.

My roaming experience is mixed; in some places it worked flawlessly, but in others it refused to get connected. I’ll recommend to keep a backup 3G connection ready while travelling.

Unlimited data? Any hidden limits?

When it comes to data limit, this thing rocks. BSNL EVDO offers true unlimited plans without any compromises. There is no Fair Usage Policy (FUP), no speed throttling and no hidden terms. You can use as much data as you wish unlike other similar wireless connections.

I’ve consumed over 40 GB data a month and have never experienced any reduced speed. I’m quite happy with this connection. Once you start using unlimited connection, you will never get back to limited data plans.

If you want to use BSNL EVDO on mobile phones, tablet or any other device, you can get a Wi-Fi 3G router and share the internet connection. There are many Wi-Fi 3G routers like TP-Link MR 3220 which supports ZTE AC8700 and other BSNL EVDO data cards. In this way you can just pay for one internet connection and use it on several devices. You can replace your home wired internet connection with BSNL EVDO if you want.

BSNL EVDO plans:

BSNL EVDO data card can be purchased by paying Rs 1199. It is available with both prepaid and postpaid connections. There is an activation charge of Rs 350 and Rs 500 for prepaid and postpaid respectively. There is a Rs 1000 security deposit for postpaid connection which is refundable.BSNL EVDO Static IP is available for Rs 150/month on postpaid connection.

Now let’s take a look at the data plans and tariffs. BSNL is offering different plans with EVDO connection to satisfy the need of all users. I’ll recommend to go for the unlimited plans if possible.

BSNL EVDO postpaid tariff: The base plan starts at Rs 199/month, which offers 1.5 GB data/month and the unlimited plan costs Rs 750/month. There prices are without taxes, so the actual price will be little higher.

BSNL EVDO Postpaid tariff

BSNL EVDO Postpaid tariff

BSNL EVDO prepaid tariff: The prepaid plans are similar to the postpaid plans.

BSNL EVDO prepaid tariff

BSNL EVDO prepaid tariff


I don’t have any major complaints with BSNL EVDO connection. A few times a month I experience connection issues when the modem will not get connected to the internet. But usually it gets solved within a few hours. It should not be a major problem for most. The upload speed issue is due to the hardware I’m using, the network cannot be blamed for this.


After using BSNL EVDO as my primary internet connection for a long time, I’ll happily recommend it to anyone who is looking for a true unlimited wireless internet connection. At present time when we have blazing fast 4G internet connections available, the speed of BSNL EVDO might not be able to match it, but the true unlimited plan is the biggest advantage.

If you ask me, I’ll take a 3 Mbps unlimited connection over 10 Mbps connection with just 20 GB data limit any day. It is my personal preference though. If you want faster speed then look elsewhere. MTS MBlaze Ultra or any 4G/3G connection will provide better speed.

BSNL is not promoting EVDO on TV or other media like other competitors. Not many people are aware of this. If you are interested taking BSNL EVDO connection, then go and visit your nearby BSNL office and ask for it.

If anyone is using BSNL EVDO connection, then do share your feedback with us. If you have any queries then drop them in the comment section below.

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  1. please tell me actual download transfer speed that you get as it shows 70-80kbps for BSNL wired broadband. with 512kbps plan.

      • hi plaban.
        i have bought TP-Link MR 3220 router and i am using bsnl evdo ZTE AC8700 modem. but now i am unable to setup router. please help me out.

        • You can use the router with this modem. While doing set up select MTS and just change the username and password to your BSNL modem details. It should work.

    • Kbps = Kilo bit per second
      KBps = Kilobyte per second

      Some download Managers show the speed/transfer rate in Kilo Bytes. That’s why you are getting 70-80 KBPS when you download anything.

      Since 8 bits = 1 KB, 512 kilobits / 8 = 64KBPS (KiloBytes).

  2. Yes,it’s true.currently I’m using Reliance 3 unlimited,initialy it was unlimited but after few months they have changed plans and again applied FUP.
    currently I’m in Mumbai.and I wish to move to BSNL EVDO,but dont know I can get sufficient network or not.may be I have to visit BSNL Office.because no chance to contact through phone or web chat,even some BSNL staff dont know about this EVDO card.

  3. i owned prithvi data from 2013 no problem yet .if u use in laptop speed is about 1700 kbps.only drawback you have to find direction .direction is most important .3 bars is sufficient.always use on laptop.when iI used it in desktop the speed is about 300 kbps only. thanks

  4. I had evdo unlimited plan at rourkela, orissa 4 yrs back. I was transfered to durgapur, westbengal. As my company provided data card, my personal evdo was deactivated.The Performance was very good and speed was also good. I want to settle in orissa after my retirement. whether my evdo can be reactivated?

  5. I have a micromax cdma Modem with bsnl cdma sim but it always show MTS signal and never connected. Can anyone solve my problem. Bsnl office not know ‘what is EVDO’. I think I have not correct settings. From UP East.

  6. I got prepaid bsnl cdma. How to activate EVDO? APN settings? I recharged online with Rs 170, but instead of data I got talktime.

  7. Today got call from bsnl that evdo service is now going to terminate permanently due to cdma spectrum is not alloted to bsnl. They told me to visit bsnl exchange to change evdo data to 3g data card. Is there anyone who also got that news.

  8. Hello. Main lucknow me rehta hoon mujhe bsnl evdo kharidna hai lekin jab bsnl office bhootnath gaya to waha ke office ke employee se maine poocha ki mujhe bsnl evdo chahiye hai tu us ne kaha ki aap check kariye ki app ke ghar ki taraf aa raha hai ki nahi. To maine kaha ye mein kaise pata karo mere ghar se 100 meter ki doori par bsnl ka tower laga hai. Lekin kya cdma aur gsm tower same hote hai .plzzz tell anyone urgent.

  9. Hi Plaban

    Thanks for providing so many details here. Even I have been using EVDO for last five years, but after reading your review I realized that I didn’t know many things about it.

    I need some help that you may provide. My EVDO stopped working in EVDO mode on Oct 1st, it doesn’t able to reach any remote server in EVDO mode. It’s working in just 1X mode, but as you said it provides very low speed. So I really want to know what’s going with the EVDO mode. The problem is only with the EVDO mode.
    I don’t get any clue on the internet also. Yours is the first article with many details that I found on net. Could you provide me with any information about what could be going on? Have you seen any such thing ever?
    Please share with me if you have anything that could help me. Thanks in advance!


    • Hi Deepak, can you see EVDO network signal or is it showing only 1X signal? I faced similar problem in the past, when I lost EDVO signal and the modem was only working in 1X mode but usually this problem used to get solved within a few days. If you are experiencing this problem for long time then I’ll suggest you to contact the local telephone office.

      • Thanks Plaban, for the reply. I checked with BSNL to know what’s going on with the EVDO signal. They told me that BSNL has stopped supporting EVDO mode/signal/network in Gurgaon now.

  10. hello plaban
    thanks boy for telling people about bsnl evdo, no one knows about it
    i am getting 300+ kbps download and 30 kbps uploads on bsnl evdo
    according to me its the best unlimited plan out there
    me too have made a video and my trick to improve speeds and put on youtube for others to use bsnl evdo, contact me on [email protected] for trick.
    i am getting 300+ kbps download and 30 kbps uploads.
    the link for trick is

    • Hi Himanshu,

      I have used a similar method to achieve maximum speed. Though I’ve not used additional antenna to enhance the signal. Thanks for sharing the trick, it will be helpful to others.

  11. Hello plaban. I want to know that bsnl evdo network coverage in lucknow uttarpradesh.. Can u please help me. How can i know that bsnl cdma tower and bsnl gsm tower r same or different. Please tell me urgent

  12. Hello rahul there is no bsnl evdo coverage in lucknow many of the areas if purchase bsnl evdo but i am getting only 4 kb/ sec speed even i cant browse. So dont purchase it i u dont want to waste ur money. Otherwise choice is urs

  13. Hello plaban.. is there any difference in speed if i get evdo postpaid connection and evdo prepaid connection…???

  14. Hi, i just purchased the EVDO data card (prepaid). It has initial balance Rs.298.90. I want to know how to use this amount to subscribe to the limited plan of RS 291 for 2.5g Gb.

  15. I’ve been using this device for last 4 years and I have no complaint against it. I completely agree with it. It is truly unlimited plan in real sense. No FUP, nothing. I can download 1 GB movie in 3-4 hours which is decent enough. Its sad that in many city you can’t get this device since BSNL claims that customers are not satisfied or not enough customers.

  16. Hi, Can anyone tell me from where can i get EVDO in Ahmedabad? As I went to nearby BSNL office of our area but they doesn’t have this.

    And can I use use EVDO card in MTS Dongle?

    • Where do you live in Ahmedabad ? If the near by office says they dont have this device then just go to Kalupur branch. They have it i think. Or you could just come to Shahibaug area BSNL office. Lemme know if you visit any of the above 2 branches and get the dongle 🙂

  17. I’m using it from 2009 when I was in JODHPUR. In 2013 I got transferred to kanpur and using the same device since then. Now it’s been more than 6 years and I’m more than satisfied with evdo. I pay the postpaid bills online only. Jst from few days I’m getting frequent connection problem. Can anybody help me with that or u all people are encountering this problem??

  18. I started facing the same problem in October this year. When I raised a complaint with BSNL I got to know that BSNL stopped providing EVDO service in Gurgaon. They didn’t provide any specific reason for the move. I am not sure if it’s the same case for you, but I would suggest you to contact your local BSNL office to check the issue.

  19. hey there,
    i got new BSNL evdo prithvi & Evdo data card.
    do i need to verify my id proof to getting started?? if so how to verify that (i mean on which number & i need CDMA phone to do that?)???
    awaiting for your reply.

  20. I am using this BSNL EVDO for last 5 years as 1X, which really worked fine in windows & ubuntu linux. Recently I upgrade it to 3.1Mbps unlimited data plan, but after up-gradation it does not connected to ubuntu, though it is connected in windows and connection is not being stable and download speed never exceed 1Mbps. Please help me how to connect it in ubuntu 15.04 linux.

  21. how to use bsnl evdo with router? can anyone please give me procedure to connect evdo with router?
    and if i buy the supported router will i have to keep pc/laptop on when router is on?

  22. I have asked Bsnl officeab they said me that ” there is no wifi in data card” we can only plug into computer.
    Is your card is with feature of wifi ??

  23. Good to know that lot much of peoples are using this service.
    I am also using the same EVDO connection with unlimited plan in Gorakhpur U.P
    I am getting around 150-190 kbps of speed .
    I used a trick to increase the speed of evdo.

    Those peoples who are using this service please read it care fully .

    my home is around 2 km of distance from Bsnl station /exchange.

    And I receive usually 1 point of signal .
    And I get around 20-30 kbps that time .

    But I solved this issue my self.and you can also gain the same speed.

    I used a dish antena of tata sky which I purchased from myblocal dish shop for rs 300 rs and placed the evdo modem at the top of the antena centered rod and modemn facing top to the center of antena sobthe the signalbof antena aquire more signal .

    And then place a WiFi router directly placed near .

    Now search for physical locations assumption where you thing the location of your Bsnl exchange and face the antena at that direction .
    And you are ready to enjoy .

    Remember each city has 2-5 exchange offices so keep the antena placed at top of your house using WiFi router .and move the antena at various directions and you will gain the speed .

    Remember it is very irritatig process but if you find perfect location you will get more speed for all time .

    And if any day the network is not present move the antena to other direction .you will get the speed easaly.

    However if any one have questions please feel free to chat with me on whatsaap
    Please do not call only message me.
    Happy to help.

    This trick will help in any wireless datacard no matter you use ham 3g 4g CDMA modem .

    I also checked the same with 3g of airtel Aircel and Bsnl and get around 4-5 Mbps with airtel Aircel

    And2-3 Mbps with Bsnl.

    And you will gain around 100% tower .
    And the speed

  24. Good Mr Arun might be the towers are near to you and the max spead up to modem is 390kbps
    So enjoy and I told about the trick for those peoples who are far away in distance and having network weekends.

    How ever if u also adopt the same you can enjoy full 350-390 kbps without fluctuation

    Enjoy it and keep updating others .


    • Yes MR.Sachin Jaiswal, EVDO towers are near to me within the range of 1km. Are you sure if i follow the tricks, should i get constant speed without fluctuation ?

      If yes means can you share the video clips at the time of downloading data.

  25. i have purchased a bsnl cdma sim around diwali 2015 (rajasthan circle) and for two months i was busy so was not able to use the sim for internet purpose. yesterday i.e. on 13 jan 2016 when i inserted the sim in the modem (teracom t-U500), it was not working, neither it is taking any recharge. it says top up cannot be done when there is no validity. as far as i remember, the new sim has 6 months of validity. i have also tried recharges of INR 170 and INR 176 for 1.5 GB data for a month but no recharge has been completed. is there a separte validity recharge for this now, as i have a break of nearly two months from purchasing and using the sim.
    now i have treid paytm, freecharge and everything to start this thing, but i do not know how to make it running. I have used it previously with zte modem in 2010-2011, experice was superb, i know it is the best internet plan available in the market till now.
    please help if validity recharge is to be done.

    • I bought a new bsnl cdma sim with evdo card , i am using it for my laptop for past 2 months i have a good range but there is discussion in the forum about discontinuation of the service . is it true? one more query the dongle provided to me by bsnl is a non wifi terra com U500 which can be connected only to laptop, is any dongle available in mkt which can be used as wifi dongle with the current cdma sim

  26. Dear Mr Arun Sankar just because I am 3-4 km away from any of my city BSNL tower so I am getting only 150 kbps with speed after the antena fitting .

    And without antena fitting ibam not getting tower some time and when I get tower the speed is very slow like 20-30 kbps.

    That’s why I am saying that if I am living 3-4 km away from towers and with miner adjustments I am gaining speed from 20 to 150 .

    So you can also get the same benefit because sir.

    How ever if you need my adjustment images then please whatsaap me on my number +919450436886 remember only whatsaap .

    I will share all my installation thanks

  27. Hello……
    I got the information about EVDO DATACARD PLAN yesterday. Last month,when I contacted BSNL customer care to know about any unlimited datacard plans, they told me currently no plans are available.So quickly & without any doubt!!! Huhhhhhh…..
    Looking forward to contact them soon.

  28. Mr KK ask your exchange about it and ask for CDMA sim
    That cost 40 rs at exchange or customer care center of BSNL and take 2-3 days for activation .

    You can buy unlocked modem from
    For 500 or log on to other websites

    New cost around 900-2000 and old unlocked of reliance cost 500.

    And all are avaialbele at BSNL

    I purchase the same sim last 2 days ago on 15 Jan 2016

    And unlimited plans are
    1 day 55rs
    7 day 256
    15 days 449
    30 days 842

    Confirm your circuil plans as well
    By calling 1503 from any BSNL phone


    • if you are using prepaid then yes yoy can stop this.
      if you are using postpaid then you have to submit a application to nearest bsnl exchange mentioning that you are wishing to stop the service.
      thank you.

  29. can i use my Reliance CDMA (Diamond SIM ) with BSNL EVDO AC8700
    Actually i am using it but i am not getting EVDO Service ..
    I have contacted the Reliance office for same problem but they told me that the SIM works as EVDO only in Mobile not in any data card.
    Please help.

  30. I have purchased an EVDO pre paid connection with ZTE AC8700 800M dongle but it is not being installed on my computer having ‘WINDOWS10’OS.Will it work with Micromax MMX 440W wi-fi router with usb port?
    I live in Dhanbad,Jharkhand.

  31. Ms pankaj
    Yes it will probabely work just put the same user name and password setting165 and 165 and solar #777 in WiFi modem

    All CDMA zte modem supports Bsnl sim
    Hewawei modems are not support.

    Mr Rajeev
    Prepaid EVDO comes with 1 month validity and 7 days grace period and for very 6 month a validity voucher of 21 is used

    That is not such a huge amount .
    And with prepaid you have mobility that use recharge on your hand

  32. Guys, those who are using bsnl evdo..

    what u guys doing for making it wifi ? which routers are compatible and which are the best among them?

  33. Guyz I went to BSNL exchange to buy a new EVDO connection. Exchange told me that EVDO service is stopped by BSNL. How true is that ?

  34. Hey brother Plaban..
    i m sujeet n i hav a prblm n i think you can solve it,brother i recently bought a wifi router (MMX 440W) n i hav a modem namely CDMA2000 1x which is a bsnl evdo modem unlimited postpaid plan..which means MY MODEM IS NOT A 3G MODEM n i pay rs. 250 per month for my unlimited usage in my computer. but now i want to connect my modem through wifi router to use it in my it’s not connecting.
    i hav leave da APN n Pin blank n putted #777 in dial no. And bsnl evdo user name and password as 165 but still not working
    I Tried many bt, worthless..wat should i do.???

  35. Visited to bsnl official today to get a new connection of evdo(cdma sim) they said you’ll not get signal because tower is not available near your area. But here I’m getting bsnl 3g and 2g networks. Also,They said the range of a cdma tower covers “housing board colony” (which is 0.8- 1km away from my home) So any chance to get cdma signals?

    I’m from Darbhanga,Bihar

  36. Yes available pan India basis
    Except Mumbai and Delhi cos MTNL zone
    For help any issue or quary direct whatsaap

  37. Hi,

    Does BSNL EVDO work in Mobile device?
    I’ve Lenovo A360e CDMA phone, run Android 2.3
    Can someone assist me with the Accesspoint settings?


  38. Please recharge it with mobikwik or from any Bsnl recharge shop or retailer .

    And I have recently purchased 3 EVDO modems prithvi so if any one need it please whatsaap +919450436886 me I can provide it for 1500 including shipping I have 2 as new and 1 I am using.

    How ever both mts models zte2766 and zte2746 both works with Bsnl and many people’s selling it on fir 850.

    How ever zte2766and prithvi modem will work with all WiFi routers .recommended Mr 3020 tplink.

    How ever the prithvi modem is one of the best modem and it get instant network over wifi while zte other models have some issue and take 3-5 and sometimes 10 min to gain network .

  39. I am from Ahmedabad, Gujarat; i want to buy BSNL EVDO data card.But I am unsure about its termination of service after 31st march 2016. I called at the BSNL office, they tld that they dont knw anything. What should i do now? buy it or not?

  40. Hi I am from gomti nagar ,Lucknow and I want to buy Bsnl evdo modem …but how to know that evdo signals are available in my area before buying evdo modem.
    And in some states like AP, West Bengal ,Haryana Bsnl is shutting down its CDMA services.

  41. Yes go to any nearest Bsnl exchange
    Lucknow is very good coverage u can get 100-150 normally

    40 rs connection charge 1500 rs for prithvi modem with 6 month warranty.
    And first recharge of 842.

    So 2382 total and 399 rs balance in your account and 1 month unlimited .


    • can u please share the image of ur antenna setup plzzzz………..iam getting signal of 4 bars but my speed is only 30-40 kbps

  42. Hi Plaban, that was a great article. In fact, I am also a very old BSNL EVDO user and continue using it till date. I am from Assam and have experienced many ups and downs during this long journey. I must admit, BSNL EVDO is the best UNLIMITED plan for heavy users like us. What worries me is the recent news that BSNL is going to stop this service very soon and replace it with Wi-Max service. I don’t know how reliable or of what quality it would be. Kindly share your information on this. To end, hats off to BSNL EVDO for being a trusted companion in this internet journey of ours!!!

  43. Hi,
    I urgently require your help. I purchased bsnl EVDO card 3.1 Mbps data card in Jaipur on 11 April. It was working there and I was getting O.K speed. But now I am in Patiala and it is not showing any signal and no internet access. Do you know what I can do to access internet. BSNL website says that it work pan India and roaming services are available with EVDO

    • using evdo on mobile is not possible as no mobile company supports cdma anymore. but if you do find any trick please share.:)

  44. Yes its possible to get recharged via paytm… I’m monthly recharging via paytm via top up of Rs.800/-
    Even validity recharge also available of Rs. 21/- Topup

  45. Hi Plaban
    I use Prithvi made EVDO modem. But it gives distorted UI in windows 10, Thats why i have to use it through dial up connection. WHat could be the problem?

    PLus tell me is there any difference in speed of EVDO of Prithvi and EVDO of ZTE AC8700 dongle ?

  46. Is BSNL still providing EVDO data cards in Karnataka. And please tell me about the coverage in taluka places near bsnl office. I am thinking to buy a new unlimited connection.

  47. hay…. i m from jammu and serving in army in rajasthan jaiselmer…. here mobile internet is good.. upto 1 Mbps 3g. i want to know that…. evdo card can provide same speed or more speed than gsm 3g.

  48. HI there
    i have evdo prithvi

    is that possible to recharge evdo 842 Rs unlimited plan & 21 Rs validity recharge via online services like paytm, freecharge or anyother???

    if yes then tell me possible(100% sure) sites for evdo recharge

  49. my evdo is not working for past 10 days at Kanpur. someone feeling same plz share or solution please.

    • same here bro evdo in kanpur is not working from 25 may 2016 and still not working. Bro please call all BSNL officers of kanpur so that they do there job.

  50. Guyz mujhe bsnl evdo lena hai aur main yeh puchna chata hoon ki ye vrindavan mai hai kya or mera ghar out mai hai lr mere ghr kaj peeche bht saare tower lgey hai koi help krde pls ki vrindavan mai hai ki nhi

  51. haa ji mein bhi pichle 3 salon se evdo use kar raha hoon.. Post likne wale bhai sahab ;ne bilkul sahi likha hai yahan par puri tarah se unlimited plan hai… mein jitna chahe youtube dekhoon, jitna chahe download karoon. jab chahe karu din ho ya raat speed ekdum ek jaise rahti hai..aajkal 842 rupees mein unlimited plan recharge hota hai,,,, bus ek baar karao aur mahine bhar ke liye bhool jaao ki aapko internet ki koi problem rahne wali hai…. bus ek mahine baad aapko phir recharge karwana hai yahi yaad rakho…. mere experiance bahoot accha raha hai.. mein doston ko salah dunga ki jo chahte hai… ki ek ;mahine ke liye jo hamesha internet se jude rahna chahte hai woh BSNL ka EVDO le le….bina kisi Terms or conditions ke…..

  52. I have purchased new BSNL CDMA sim. Using it with unlocked MTS ZTE ac8766 dongle. Internet connecting to only cdma1x. Please let me know how to connect to evdo. Is evdo activated by default on any CDMA sim. Or do we need to do anything to get evdo activated.

    • go to the setting and search for the option connection mode or something else
      where you get these option
      1 EVDO
      2 1X
      3 HYBRID
      select evdo that’s it.
      thank you.

      • Hi Pallab, I am unable to find the setting to set the modem ZTE AC8700 to only evdo mode. Since CDMA 1X signal is more strong in my region it keeps changing from evdo to cdma 1x mode. I think the default mode is set to hybrid and also no setting is available to change it. Any solution to this?

  53. Hi.
    I am a Gamer, i play inline games for which i need a good speed and a constant connection, i qant to know that, does this EVDO has a contant connection or not, i need to make sure that i wont get hicups in connection.
    Plz tell me clearly. Is it’s connection constant and good.?

  54. I never get more than two bars on my BSNL EVDO data card and connectivity is very poor. What can I do to improve the signal to the EVDO data card???

  55. hlo i brought evdo pritvi 3.1 but im unable to connect in the system its shows something remote error plz tell me how my prob being solved

  56. Hello Plaban Sir,
    I got interested on this product after reading your articles.
    But had some queries, Is I have to ask for EVDO sim or normal CDMA sim at BSNL office.
    EVDO is datacard’s name type or SIM name type?
    WOuld I purchase simple CDMA bsnl sim from BSNL office and run it on any other Datacards like Huawei, micromax, iball, d-link, in that case whether i get EVDO mode speed?
    If yes, then please suggest me which company’s datacard & its model type would I had to buy?
    Anyone can reply or suggest me!

  57. Hi plaban.
    Absolutely correct information about evdo. I used in Bangalore for 2 yrs. Really economical.
    Recently I shifted to Chennai. How is the network in choolaimedu, Chennai.
    Can anyone comment on their experience pl?

  58. Hi,

    Have anyone used BSNL CDMA on mobile for data successfully, if yes please can you provide settings and mobile model. I have trying you use BSNL CDMA on HTC Desire 700 Dual SIM but I am not able to configure it for using data.

  59. Iam using EVDO for the past 1 year. But for last 2 weeks iam not getting signal inside my house. Iam using EVDO in open terrace only. I made a complaint. They are saying that there may a new tall building near your house which will affect the signal. But actually there is no new building. My amount will lapse on 7th Dec 2016. Iam not interested in renewing. What is the use of data card iam having.