Today we’re going to talk about a revolutionary tech that, you might you’ve already know but we are pretty sure that you’ve not given it up even a single try. Now you must be wondering what’s that? Well it’s Opera Unite, a framework introduced way-back in 2009 and in now seamlessly integrated into your very own Opera Browser.

What’s Opera Unite and it’s features

For those who are living under rock, the Opera Unite is a technology that turns any Computer into, a Web server. Yes! you’ve read it right this web server allows all those technical or novice computer users to share as well as serve their digital stuff right from their PC, with the help of apps and it works with almost, all kinds of devices including Windows PCs, Macintosh, Linux and even the mobile devices. And to be more exact it acts like a mini server, to serve and share – of course a working internet is required to use this service.

 How it’s different from others

Well! now we’re going to talk about its features in a bit-detailed way. But before we’ll start, there might be a question arising in your mind, “what’s the big deal here,” there are already many services like this but, to make it clear we’ve added an image below, which shows that traditional sharing services stores the data on the cloud, whereas Opera Unite transformers your PC into a web server and serves or share content right from your PC!

How to configure Opera Unite on PC

So lets get started, we’ve prepared an intuitive guide that shows all the possible abilities of the Oepra Unite and how you can use it to improve your daily digital life. The best part of this Unite that it’s very easy to install, just download the latest version of the the Opera PC browser or simply update the existing one. That’s all and you’ve now installed the Opera Unite!


Now all you have to do is, run the browser on your PC and choose the default third button from the left menu bar, named as Unite, and you’ll be presented with a sidebar with multiple options. So, you’ve to click on the circular start button and a welcome window will pop out which will guide you to create an Opera account, so create it or just skip the step and select,”i already have an account,” option if you’ve already an account with the Opera.


After all these steps, you’ve to give your computer a name, as we’ve named ours (home) then, set your your Opera unite security settings, from the advanced settings tab or either just push the finish button. And our PC is now configured to run Opera Unite.

 Using Opera Unite apps

Under the sidebar hood, you can see few buttons to turn on the apps, which are actually a very light web based apps and maximizes the full potential of this service with adding abilities that’s beyond just regular sharing and serving.  The default apps installed with Opera Unite are File sharing. Fridge, Media player, Messenger, Photo sharing and Web server. Lets’ talk about them in brief.

First is File sharing, as the name suggest it’s used to serve your files directly from your PC. To use it simply configure the folder from which you would like to serve files, drop the share files and select the sharing option either you want to make it password protected or just make it public accessible.

Seconds is Fridge, a virtual fridge door where you can stick up your virtual notes, which reminds our old high school when we used to  stick up our next day’s breakfast menu on the fridge door to remind our loving Moms 🙂

Third is a media player, and you’ve to select a folder from where all of your selected files will be served, configure the sharing options and that’s all. Now you can share your music files with your friend right from your computer.

Fourth is Messenger, a simple chat app which allows you to discuss with your Opera friends.

Next up is a Photo sharing service, its kinda handy photo album to share your memories with your near and dear ones. It’s also configurable whether you want it’s visibility password protected or rather grant an open access to everyone.

Last and the most interesting of all is a web server, which turns your PC in to a web server from where you can host your website right from your PC. For beginners it’s like a default Public_html directory of a Cpanel. Simply drag and drop your static website files and how them. Using this feature we’ve also created a simple website and right now its hosted from our PC. You can check it out here.

Beside of these pre-installed apps there are hundreds of other apps available in the Opera unite app directory where you find out many different apps for specific functionalities and in case if you didn’t like any app then yes you can easily remove the app, by simply dragging and drop that app to the trash box available in the last.


Drawbacks of Opera Unite

Well, things are always not perfect and so is with the Opera Unite, as the features Opera which makes itself unique amongst other similar services are acting as its drawbacks. The very first and the major of all drawback is, you’ve to turn on your PC as well as the Opera browser to use any of Opera Unite functions, and in this case all other similar services leads Opera Unite, by serving content from the cloud server, that kills the need to turn of PC all day and night.

Finally, all we would like to say advantages and disadvantages are official parts of a service but, it’s definitely worth a try, use it and if you’ve got any queries drop them in the comments below and don’t forget to make us know what you really loved about this so called, Opera Unite.

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