If you are a fashion savvy person, and you don’t like earphones wires obstructing your fashion look, Jabra street2 is the perfect solution for you. Here we are talking about the Jabra Street2 review, which will give you freedom for taking out the phone again and again for changing songs or for picking the calls. This is the only stereo Bluetooth headset which you can use for listening music or for calls and as a fashion accessory as well. Indeed there are many phone accessories available in market, but when invest some amount, we expect a unique thing in return and this is one of the great example we enjoy daily these days.

Jabra Street 2 review

Being in fashion and walking with latest trends has become an essential part of metro life. But these headsets usually ruins the whole looks of your dressing and hence people do compromise with either choosing fashion or comfort. But Jabra Street2 design is somewhat unique to make a difference. This headset is somewhat acts as hands free and as a virtual mp3 player too, which has all buttons to control your phone music player and you enjoy your music on the go and pick calls as well. It has a battery backup for 8 hours for calls or 7 hours of music. And there is not much need that you have to keep the headset control unit much closer to your mouth during a call. It transmits a clear and loud voice to the other end, even when you’re speaking in low volume

Jabra Street2 Design

The design is either can impress someone or some may not like it at all. Although having white color is much prettier than black one, but when we bought it, only black color was available. We bought this accessory from Mobilefun India which is one of an unique website dedicated to selling of mobile accessories. In India, we don’t have much websites who sells mobile accessories with such a huge range, but Mobilefun India is the one who fulfills this need pretty well.

Jabra Street2 retail box
Jabra Street2 retail box

Coming back to design, the design is somewhat a dog-tag style pendant, but this doesn’t mean that you have to be a rap fan to wear this. Control unit front has a metallic design in which 6 buttons grooved on it. Although it’s not purely metallic, but is made up of some high grade plastic which doesn’t give any plasticity feeling. This whole pendant is covered by a rubber surrounding which is provided for giving him an overall look and for protection purpose as well. Even though it has a rubber case surrounding, it’s still pretty slim and compact.

Jabra Street 2

The button functionality is as follows:

  • Top-Most Button – Play / Pause Music
  • Below it – Previous / Next Song
  • Continued below by – Volume Up / Down
  • Bottom-Most button – Pick / Disconnect Calls

Pressing the call button two times continuously shall redial your last dialed number again. So, be wise while using it.

Also, the 3.5 mm Audio Jack is given at Right Top of control unit and charging or connecting USB post is given at bottom. This USB is not the universal port being used in smartphones/tablets these days, but the older version of it, which is still being used in external hardisks as well.

This headset comes with a lanyard strap and a cloth clip as well. So, it gives a comfort to choose whether we might wanna wear it as a style statement or you wanna hide it from people by clipping it inside somewhere.

Jabra Street2 Music Quality

Music quality of Jebra Stree2 is excellent. But for ensuing to get the maximum volume pump-up and to hear the real beats from this headset, you might have to do configure right settings in your smartphone. As per my experience, default music player of Android is not at par, so installing any popular third-party software like PowerAmp may help you listen awesome music quality from this headset. Also this device is fully compatible with PowerAmp and other various third-party music applications too, all you need to ensure that you must not install many third-party music applications on your phone, so that the headset may not have trouble choosing the player to play songs on.

Jabra Steet2 Compatibility

This headset supports almost every smartphone which has Bluetooth with A2DP profiles. We had no trouble connecting this device with many smartphones and music and talking on calls were simply fine.

Also pairing this headset is a real easy task. All you need to press the call button continuously for a few seconds until the blue flash light get stable with any blinking. Then you can find this headset in your nearby Bluetooth device and connect with it. And as per instruction given in manual, it should ask for a password, but in reality, it never asked for any password ever with any device.

In case, when you switched off your headset, and closed your phone Bluetooth as well, you’ll need to pair again. Just one tap on the device name will connect it again automatically. Or in case, if you’re using a custom ROM, you might need to unpair and then pair again to get connected to it automatically.

Final Verdict and Price

Even though Jabra Stree2 has a price tag ranging between Rs. 2400 – Rs. 2800, it’s still worth the price because of its style and music quality and the comfort level it provides. We are sure, if you’re going to buy it, you’re definitely going to show-off this thing to the world. Sometimes, it does grab the attention of other automatically, because it’s blue LED keeps blinking automatically within every few seconds and it became catchy for many eyes. So, if you use it, flaunt it for sure.


This article is written by Ankit Chugh.

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