Every penny counts. The same thing can be said for ‘every bit of data’ we use when we have a limited internet connection. It is true that no one wants to have a limited internet connection, but when there is no other choice, it is very necessary to keep an eye on data consumption, otherwise your ISP might dig a big hole in your pocket. Don’t you think it will be great if you could measure all your data usage and efficiently use the internet, so that you never exceed the limit? Do you want to identify which program is utilizing most of the bandwidth? Here is DU Meter for you, software that may save you some money.

What is DU Meter?

DU Meter Review

DU Meter is a network traffic and bandwidth monitoring software to monitor internet speed and track data consumption. This is developed by Hagel Technologies who is known for network optimization software TweakMASTER. It is available for different platforms like Windows computer, Android etc. DU Meter measures all data that is used by the computer and maintains an easy to understand report. So that you can see how much data is consumed. It is an extremely customizable software, there are tons of settings to tweak the software according to your preference. The latest version of DU Meter 7.0 brings some notable changes and useful features that will further enhance the usefulness of this software.

Features and tools:

Different traffic monitor tools:

DU Meter offers plenty of handy tools to check network activities that can be used to troubleshoot network related problems. The most useful feature that I like is the network speed meter that sits in the Windows taskbar and shows live download and upload speed. You can also make it floating traffic monitor window and place it in any convenient place. The traffic monitor window is customizable, you can change the border, colors, font style and size to make it more attractive. I keep it in the taskbar as it nicely blends inside it and looks simple and elegant.

DU Meter taskbar icon

DU Meter allows to measure bandwidth of Internet and LAN connection. You can switch between the two in the traffic monitor window. Click on the Internet tab to see internet traffic and click on the LAN tab to check LAN traffic.

DU Meter floating traffic monitor windows


DU Meter stopwatch

There is another feature of DU Meter I like to mention. You can start a stopwatch and calculate the download and upload speed of network within the time period. It will show maximum and average network speed, total data transferred, Wi-Fi signal strength etc. This comes handy benchmarking internet connections.

Network connection viewer:

If your internet connection is down or running at the speed of snail then, it is easy to find out the real reason using DU Meter. In the Network Connection Viewer, you can find out which software is taking most bandwidth. In the latest version of DU Meter it is possible to identify the bandwidth usage of individual programs. Total internet or LAN data received, sent everything is visible. Open the Network Connection Viewer and find about the program what is slowing down internet connection.

Data usage reporting:

DU Meter report

Now let’s come to the main part of DU Meter that is, the data consumption report. Open the Totals and Reports by right clicking on the traffic monitor window. Here, you can check total data used. Data consumption can be viewed by hours, days, week and months. This is extremely useful if you want to keep your data consumption under a limit. You can set a maximum data limit, DU Meter will alert when you are near the limit. You can also graphically visualize the consumed data.

There are some more features of DU Meter those I’m not going to talk about in this review. You can install the software and explore yourself. The software is fully compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. If you are looking for a good data monitoring software, I’ll highly recommend DU Meter. It makes internet connection monitoring and troubleshooting a lot easier. DU Meter License code can be purchased for $29.99. If you are from India then you can get it for just $9.95 for a limited time. The fully functional trial version lasts 30 days that is enough to test the software before buying the license code.

Anyone using DU Meter here? We would love to hear your experiences. 

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