How to Preview Shortened URLs (Bit.ly,Goo.gl,TinyURL) Before Clicking?

Universal Resource Locator or URL in short is a very common term on the internet. The URL is basically the address of any website on the web. Usually URL can be of different structures and lengths. By observing URL of any website we can get some idea about the website…
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Bitdefender Wins ‘Product of The Year’ Award from AV-Comparative

Bitdefender Antivirus is on a roll, after winning the 'Best Security Award' from AV-Test, it has been awarded the 'Product of The Year' title by AV-Comparative. The independent Austria based testing lab rigorously examines all popular antivirus and security suits throughout the year. There are several tests like Real-World Protection, File Detection, Proactive…
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Giveaway: Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 & Antivirus Plus 2013

The latest version of Bitdefender Internet Security application is out and as usual it is named as Bitdefender Internet Security 2013. It’s an upgraded and improved version of the award wining Bitdefender Internet Security 2012. This time Bitdefender has introduced plenty of new functionalities and features to it. Bitdefender Internet…
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What is Trojan Horse? How to Remove Trojan Horse from Computer?

Trojan Horse, a malware christened after the famous Trojan Horse from one of the Greek epics, Iliad and like the mythological horse, is deceptive and deceitful. It is a malicious program which appears as a useful software program or file but is malignant and us harmful for the computer. Trojan…
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