Are you a heavy texter? Then you might be looking for a way to send free SMS and save some money. Sending SMS text has become much cheaper in last few years but still it will be better if we can send SMS online for free. There are many websites which allows to send free text messages to any mobile number. For that you just need to have an account there. When we are on computer then we can visit those websites and send free SMS text but when we are on the move or don’t have access to any computer then we are forced to send paid messages. Though most of those free SMS sites have mobile optimized version of their sites but those are not that easy to access from mobile and usually filled with lots of advertisements. Android mobile and tablet users will be happy to know that there is a popular app called Free SMS Sender to send free SMS to phone in India, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia. It supports 25 websites of these 4 countries for sending free SMS.

As the name suggests, we can send unlimited free SMS to phone using this free SMS software. To install this Free SMS Sender app visit Google Play Store from mobile or tablet and search “Free SMS Sender” or simply visit this link. Start the app after installing, you will see a very simple user interface. Here you can compose new messages or see message statistics. To configure free SMS gateway enter settings then ‘Message writing’. In this screen you will find around 25 different free SMS gateways to send text SMS. If you want to send free SMS to India then select popular way2sms, fullonsms, sms440 etc. To use any web gateway you must have an account in that site. Select desired gateway and enter your username/mobile number and password.

Now come back to home screen of Free SMS Sender and select contact or enter mobile no of recipient. Type message or speak it. To send the message tap on the web gateway icon.

Free SMS Sender has many settings, we can change its interface color, font style and size, notification sound, internet connection setting and lots more. The best thing about this application is that it is very easy to use and don’t have ugly advertisements and it gets the job done fast.

Free SMS Sender settings

If you are looking for best free SMS sender application for Android mobile or tablet then don’t forget to check out Free SMS Sender.