Social networking apps for iPhone are now available in thousands, so choosing the best among them is a tricky job and it can be quite challenging too. Social Media is considered as most important aspect and you must be searching for some of the best applications that helps you to manage your Social Media accounts and only thing that you need to take care of, must be the security aspects. Here are the 4 best iPhone apps for managing social media accounts. These iPhone apps offer value or features that set them apart from other iPhone apps

#1. Flipboard


While the other social media apps focus on one server like Twitter or Facebook, Flipboard makes things easier to keep you up to date about other services like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Tumblr. Flipboard can transform the timelines into illustrated magazine-style pages, which makes reading tweets and updates more appealing and interesting than other apps. With wide range of features and style, Flipboard is a top pick. Flipboard was named as iPad’s App of the year and it was awarded as TIME’s top 50 innovations.


#2. Facebook App

Users using Facebook know more about social networking, and this social media site is at its best on iPhone; it is available on iTunes. The app resembles Facebook website and you can do pretty more like updating your status, approve friend requests, comment on posts, and upload pictures. In latest Facebook App v 4.1 Timeline view is available for both iPhone and iPad. Loading photo albums may be slow indeed. If you are accessing Facebook in phone with any OS, loading photos is at slower side.

#3. Seesmic

If you have more than one social networking account, managing more social networks on your phone is cumbersome. But managing all sites from single app is possible with the help of Seesmic– iPhone app. It supports Facebook, Twitter, and It also allows you to post info to all from single interface. In order to make the app even more appealing, it is available for free. But it lacks few lower-level features.

Seesmic is available for free at the App Store.

#4. Uface

There are quite a few iPhone apps that help you in making avatars for social bookmarking sites. Few apps can match Uface priced at ($1.99). This particular app has excellent interface. U face also has 300 more facial characteristics, therefore it is easy to create realistic avatar. You can also see few hairstyles added to the complete collection. The app is a bit on the pricey side, but you can create unique avatar for Facebook or Twitter.

Taken as a whole, Uface is user-friendly app for your iPhone that can provide unusual twist to the photo contact album. The existing options and choices are good to start, and you don’t require any drawing.

So, start managing all your social media accounts effortlessly with the help of these 4 best iPhone apps for managing social media accounts.