Chrome is one of the fastest and light weight browsers in the world. Google Chrome works under the mechanism of the webkit layout engine. It is a powerful source for Chrome to load complex websites in a lightning fast. The major part of the chrome’s source code is released as open source that project is called chromium. That’s why chrome was developed for Mac OS X and Linux platforms. Even though chrome is a secured browser few extensions are important for user’s security and privacy. I’m going to list the top five best Google Chrome security extensions which gives you a secured browsing environment.

5 Best Google Chrome Security Extensions:

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is a must have extension for Chrome. You have seen many ads on websites showing that you have so and so amount of the price to get that click here. These are the phishing ads which fool people and get their information. In order to avoid those type ads, pop-up ads and adware in your browser AdBlock Plus is a best choice. After you install the application in your browser it will remove all the ads from the websites you visit. This will give you an ad free clean environment to read by that time a secured one. AdBlock Plus is now in beta stage soon it will be launched with complete features.

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Credit Card Nanny

Credit and Debit Cards are one of the important targets of hackers  when it comes to online. Sending a Phishing mail and asking a user’s credit card details happens from very olden days. Many people have lost the money by those phishing techniques. But now the security systems are improved and banks have started educating  their customers to not give their credit card details to unauthorized people. Even today some fake websites are available in online to steal the user’s card details. Credit card Nanny is a best extension for chrome which detect these Phishing sites and warn the users before they give their credit card details. It is also a must have extension for chrome those who do frequent online transactions.

Web Of Trust (WOT)

Web of Trust is an another must have extension for chrome. WOT works based on “Prevention is better than cure”. The other two extensions we have seen will protect only when you get into that particular website. But WOT protection will start from the search results. After installing this extension you will see a circle in some color at the end of every search results. More the green shows the site is completely trustable. The more the red shows the site is not trustable. This works based on ratings for that particular site. It is not given by the company. It is given by millions of users around the web. This will give you a clear picture of the website before you enter into it.

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Password Fail

Password Fail , another important security extension for chrome. How many of us have given our email id and password without reading the content on a website properly ? Surely most of us. Even if you don’t have time and patience to read the content “Password Fail” a chrome extension will read and warn you before giving your password to an unauthorized website. Many hackers will create a fake website and make you enter your email id and password. It will be stored in their database. Password Fail extension will find out those type of sites which stores the user’s confidential information and stop them from giving the password. This is a best extension to save password theft from hackers.

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Last Pass

Many of us were not good in remembering passwords. Especially people who do online business will have a bunch of online accounts and need to remember all the passwords. What we do ? If it is our personal computer either we choose “Remember me” in the website or we will save our username and password in a text file. By using these methods there are more chances of your account getting hacked. In order to avoid these things save all the passwords in your browser with a strong master password. “Last Pass” is a one such extension will let you save all your username, password and confidential details with a master password. This will help you to access the login details easily and safe.

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These are the top five must have security extensions for chrome which offers  a safe and secured browsing. Use these extensions in your browser and share your experience with us.

Author Bio: Robin is a Freelance Content Writer and Blogger at DailyTUT. He also works for Kaspersky, where you can find latest Kaspersky Coupon Code in his weblog to save upto 35% and ensure maximum Internet Security.