Online shopping websites are making our life simpler. We can buy new things without stepping out of our home. However, if we want to sell our old things online then, there are very few options available. For that we can use OLX which is a free online classified website where anyone can register and start selling their products or buy any product from the listing. OLX was established in March 2006 after that they started providing their services in 96 countries and in 40 Languages like India, Japan, Hong Kong, Denmark, China, Canada, Brazil and many more countries are there in the list. You might have seen advertisements of on TV channels or on YouTube. In this article I’m going to tell you about this free online classified website in more details.

Every day you read newspapers, there you will find a page called classified and it contains the advertisement related to different topics. If anyone is looking for a job he/she will search into that particular section, likewise in also there are different sections and you can browse as per your need, see the below screenshot :

OLX Categories

You can see that there are many sections like Vehicles, Real Estate, Classes, Services, Matrimonial and Community and many more.

To sell or buy any products from you need to first register on the site. Registration is completely free.

The registered user can do the following things :

  • Easily design rich colorful ads with pictures and videos
  • Control your selling, buying, and community activity in My OLX
  • Display your ads on your social networking profile (Facebook, MySpace, …)
  • Access the site from your mobile phone
  • View OLX in your local language

OLX Product page

OLX has created their site very user-friendly, it is very easy to use navigation in the form of Categories and Sub-Categories, so it’s quite easy for a buyer or a seller to find their respective choices. When the seller is posting into classified he/she has an option to select the targeted audience which is quite good if you want to select any particular area. The visitors have the option of commenting, adding it to favorite and all other things. So if you want to sell your old stuffs for cash and buy new things then try