How to Get Free Weather Text Alerts on Mobile Phone

It is often quite useful to obtain weather alerts on your phone as they will help you judge whether to carry an umbrella to work the next day, or if it’s finally time to get you air conditioners or heaters repaired. Weather especially during the monsoon months could be totally unpredictable. You might go out on a picnic believing it is going to be a bright sunny day and end up coming home drenched. These alerts will help you to avoid getting you in such a trouble.

There are many free weather alerts available nowadays and we’ve mentioned the best ones below-

Free weather text alerts

1. Mobile weather alerts using apps:

For Smartphone users one of the best ways to get weather SMS alerts on mobile for free is to look up for such free alerts in the android market or on Google play.  If you are a Smartphone user you can have easy access to these alerts. Since there are a number of alerts available it sometimes becomes quite hard to choose amongst them. Also such applications warn you against the possible threats such as a dust storm or thunderstorm in case it is likely to occur. Look for the applications with better reviews and ratings. Customer reviews often help in determining the functioning of a particular app.

2. Register yourself on some website to get weather alerts text:

Websites such as or the weather channel provide free SMS weather alerts. You could subscribe to the free emergency alert through SMS service, which will warn you against the possible dangers of tornadoes or thunderstorms. Enter information such as your phone number, area, and frequency of the weather alerts and they will send you the SMS alerts accordingly

Ctia is an international mobile alert provider, open the following link more information.

3. Get weather SMS alerts from service provider:

Most mobile phone companies offer this subscription for free, call your service provider’s customer care helpline and they will help you subscribe to weather alerts. You can also renew your subscription once the subscription period is over to continue receiving the alerts. You can decide the area and the time you need the weather alert for. The smaller the area you choose for weather alerts the more accurate the weather results will be. You can choose the weekly alerts or just warnings if you don’t want your weather alerts beeping every day.

4. Register through a government agency:

Government agencies such as the NOAA (national oceanic and atmospheric administration) provide ( such information absolutely free of cost. It is also one of the best ways to get weather SMS alerts for free as  you won’t have to sign up or download any applications for that. Once the alert SMS is received your phone will ring in a different, unique ringtone. Once you have been alerted you have enough time to prepare for the upcoming disaster. But for receiving these alerts your needs to be WEA- capable. The weather alerts are vital warnings that must not be ignored.

For free alerts log on to:


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