Last time we’ve introduced you about Comindware and its two upcoming products, and we found that you all loved that post. Both of the two products are now live first is Tracker and the other one is task management. Today, we’re taking a step ahead and going through a quick review about Comindware, software package that ensures smoother enterprise workflow automation and management.

The most noticeable feature about Comindware that it fits for all kind of business needs with built-in predefined workspace, whether you’ve a software development start-up, want to automate office management, robust the workflow process of your IT helpdesk department or simplifying your HR services with better transparency and more efficiency.

Its built-in workspaces are easily customizable and have reporting dashboards, built-in templates, forms, lists and lots of other needful things. If your business isn’t from the above categories then don’t worry as creating additional workplace in Comindware is as easy as just 1, 2, 3 and done plus they can be easily modified without interrupting the current in-process things.

We’ve just installed this entire package on our test PC and without a doubt we are really impressed by its secure virtual environment, works almost snappy in our browser. It boasts Ultra-flexible ElasticData technology for better flexibility and we found the neat graphical workflow builder is pretty useful and bears drag & drop functionality for ease of usage. It’s a deep-deep software and we can’t write about each and every set of options that it comes with under the hood but, we’ve tried to cover a few of its crucial features.

The default interface of Comindware is pretty neat and beside of the fact that it has a huge set of options it appears very user-friendly and one can easily get easy with the interface within very few time of usage. A default set of buttons is added under the home tab to raise a new task or item, save or delete it, start it or pause it by defer button and even move the desired task to a next level once it has completed to a necessary level. Plus you can also follow a task or item with e-mail notification updates to continuously monitor the work progress of a specific task.

Default Comindware tracker tab

The left sidebar is divided into fully managed groups for individual section, such as knowledge-base, purchase groups, hiring group, marketing groups, and you can easily add more sections on your own from the administration panel. Furthermore, within each group there is a set of customizable options for individual departments for instance – within the hiring groups it has hiring tab to show the current list of all hiring, in-progress hiring, executed hiring, all hiring and all hiring tasks options. One can quickly take a glance at selected department workflow and progress by simply selecting the graphical charts tab, available under the each group.

Comindware administration hood

Additionally, you can customize the entire workplace including add and create your own templates, workflow, adding new user or a group of users as well as you can monitor their activity from the administration tab. Lastly, it has a couple of system setting features such as back-up management to actively back-up whole of your company workflow, a license manager and the e-mail integration tab to attach and configure your mail server plus enabling your e-mail notifications for each and every individual tasks.

Well this is the maximum, amount of data we thought we can add into this review for such a big workflow package. Hope, you’re not getting confused with any part of this review and we suggest you to surely give it a try. Below, we’ve added how to get this package for free trial as well as basic installation guidelines.

How to install Comindware on your system

Comindware is premium software. However, you can give it a try with completely free trial installation for full 30 days. It’s a very light package, works like a charm within any modern Windows computer and sizes just 20 MB with standard installation as well as consumes very low PC resources in comparable to other workflow management packages.

Once you’ve registered for your free trial, download the setup file and a pair of license will be automatically generated for your account and all you need is to run the setup, make sure you’ve Microsoft .NET Framework 4 pre-installed otherwise the setup cannot continue without it.

Feel free to drop your questions and queries in the comments section and don’t forget to check out the gallery filled with Comindware package snapshots added below.

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