Google Chrome is now adorned as world’s #1 web browser in terms of speed, security and so. Apart, it provides loads of admiring features and functions most importantly as Google Chrome Themes. When we talk about customization, it’s the most common thing which all people love, as it provides more productivity and gives self-comfortable look. Now, you can enjoy and feel the same customization power with the help of self-made themes which can be applied onto your favorite browser. And keeping same intention in mind, I dared to provide handful of simple tutorials to make Google Chrome theme.

Previously, we used to download ready-made themes which have had nice looks and graphics, though those were unable to provide the exact feel required. Thus, the last remaining option is to create your own Chrome themes which don’t require any technical knowledge. With advancement in online tools and technologies, anyone can accomplish this simple task using WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) like system.

Create Google Chrome Themes Easily:

Numerous applications and online tools are available which allows users to create their custom Chrome themes and that too free. I’ll be reviewing out three effective services and the same is detailed below:

  1. Chrome Theme Maker
  2. CRX Theme Creator
  3. Chromium Theme Builder

1. Chrome Theme Maker:

This is one of my favorite online tools which allow me to create mind blowing themes. It comes with tons of minute and infinite features which gives yourself created theme an fantastic look. One can start modifying with options like: frame, toolbar, backgrounds, tabs, images, etc.

  • Select your desired images
  • Set background brightness
  • Play with tons of colors

After, you have created and finalized the theme; it’s time to apply the same. One can directly apply the theme from website itself or can opt to download the files for compiling by self.

2. CRX Theme Creator:

CRX Theme editor is another offline yet fantastic application which is tagged as freeware which runs only on Windows OS. This is very handy software which is popularly used to create Google Chrome Theme from your computer itself. All type of processing is instant and responds no delay as its size is just 0.3 MB. One can easily edit the brand new theme with tons of designing options available.

  • Set individual color for each option i.e toolbar, background, etc
  • Easily compile with images.
  • One can share created themes

After successful creation of the theme you have to name the file. Further, you can easily load the same onto the browser or can easily share it on their official website.

3. Chromium Theme Builder:

This is one of the best clones of above two tools which are greatly used to create Google Chrome Themes. Yet another handy application which doesn’t require any prior installation and it comes with similar specifications as of CRX. Using this tool is very simple, when you will launch the app, it will provide one fake look of the browser, now, just click on the elements you required to modify and finally preview and apply the created theme.

  • Very simple and understandable interference
  • Handy desktop tool
  • Edit colors and image

Thus folks, I am here done with describing and reviewing three applications with which one can easily create Google Chrome Themes, you can choose any one option from the above according to your suitability.